Flunch changes the recipe and increases its prices but returns to profitability

The Northern Flunch brand is evolving. Baptiste Payart, the new CEO, on Friday explains to Parisien how he will transform the brand in two years.

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Things are moving in Flunch. Having been put under safeguards in 2021, the company, whose setbacks date back to before Covid, cut 980 positions as part of its PSE and closed 49 institutions. The restaurant chain, in the lap of Mulliez Galaxy, experienced a social crisis in early 2022 with strikes in many restaurants to demand a salary increase.

Where ? If Flunch’s new CEO, Baptiste Payart, 42, is to be believed, things are getting better. In an interview with Le Parisien on Friday, he explains what has changed, what it will be, and shares good reasons to believe in him. ” Once the incentive is damped, our employees now believe in that too “, Confirms.

Thematic menus, but no more homemade mousse

Baptiste Bayart wants to completely change the image of Flunch. ” I have a budget of €75 million to invest in the new concept of Flunch in five years. By October, we will have completely renovated 45 cafeterias, and they will all be refurbished by 2023. »

Actual checkouts will be replaced by automatic terminals, “salad bars” will go to market, and thematic menus (burger, pizza, pies, wok, etc.)

The new administration is also divided by two “The number of recipes served and I drew a line under the homemade chocolate mousse, which is too long to cook” Very important for customers Flunch replaced it with synthetic foam.

First price hike in 15 years

Also in this interview in ParisianBaptiste Payart also notes that meal prices have gone up for the first time since ” 15 years “.” Our main menu, with unlimited veggies, went from €8.95 to €9.45. An increase justified by higher prices for energy and raw materials.

This new recipe looks good because the brand will soon be making money for the first time in months. ” In January we lost 5 million euros, and in June the loss was contained to “only” 700,000 euros.reassures the CEO. As of July, we will be making profits again, for the first time in a very long time. »

In a statement in November 2021, the administration said it aims to ” Back to balance in 2022 “with rotation” Close to 2019, about 310 million euros “.

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