For the chef at Samuel Slater’s, cooking is more than just a job

Barbara M

Joshua (Josh) Brown, the new Executive Chef at Samuel Slater’s Restaurant in Webster, has deep roots in the Massachusetts restaurant scene, bringing more than two decades of dining experience to the picturesque Webster Lake property of Indian Ranch.

Former Executive Chef at Prezo Grille & Bar in Milford, Brown has been at Samuel Slater’s and Indian Ranch since August.

Originally from Natick, Brown grew up around food. His family owned a delicious kosher restaurant in Stoughton, and he shares fond memories of his grandmother’s cooking and cites them as the inspiration for his decision to become a chef.

He is a laid-back, hard-working chef who firmly believes in teamwork and being on the line in the restaurant’s kitchen. He couldn’t remember when he wasn’t passionate about cooking and didn’t smile when he said, “Did I want to try playing for the Boston Red Sox or become a chef? I think we know the answer.”

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