France Blue takes the colors of Halloween

Like every year, the famous pumpkin festival is back! Originally, Halloween is a Celtic holiday. At the time of their new year, which was called “Samain”, a large party was organized. During this evening, the world of the dead communicated with the world of the living. But it wasn’t Halloween until the mid-nineteenth century.”fear partywhich we know today.

France Bleu offers you a lot of ideas for Halloween, Unforgettable party!

unmistakable fashion

Traditionally, on Halloween night, children are made and dressed up to scare others. Zombies, witches, ghosts, vampires…these often hated creatures are out there. To reproduce it, here is a file Monica da Silva makeup tips
a zero waste specialist, to accredit:

  • to make fake blood : Mix grenadine syrup and honey.
  • for To get white skinCreate your own foundation: All you need is cornstarch or white clay and mix everything with water.

In terms of fashion, nothing could be simpler! enough to Create your own disguises
Look in the parents’ closets, the attic, or even the basement. Nuggets are definitely waiting for you.

to turn into a vampire, Just find a white shirt, a black jacket and pants, and a red or black piece of cloth to make a robe. For a hairstyle, lay your hair on the back, and for make-up, put your face white, applying blush or a black pencil around the eyes and on the eyebrows.

To cast spells, disguise yourself as a witch. Wear a black jacket and a long skirt of the same colour. As with the vampire, you will need a robe. Essential accessories like a hat and broomstick will make you a real witch! To push the camouflage to the end, you can draw some warts on your face.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the perfect excuse to add a little color and liveliness to your home décor. To be totally on point, Emmanuelle, creator and animator for, gives you some of the easy decorating ideas
And zero waste to make it like a family.

  • classic Pumpkin
    Lantern Halloween. (Reference: The decoration is from 2’02”).

Instead of pumpkin digging (which can be dangerous for kids), choose an alternative: a marker and string lights. Using a marker, draw the pumpkin’s eyes, nose and mouth and to make it light up, wrap it in a garland.

  • The luminous jars (Reference: The ornament is from 8’13’).

Take empty glass jars (pickle jar, tomato sauce jar…) and gouache to paint them. White will be used to make ghosts and purple and green will be used to make monsters for example. Then, all you have to do is insert a small battery-powered candle into the jar. Kids will be able to use these decorations in their rooms!

  • stencils for window decoration (Reference: The decoration is from 18’29”).

To make your own stencils, take the cardboard. Cut out whatever you want from these: bats, spider webs… Once the stencil is ready, just place it on your window and wipe with a sponge and gouache.

Horror recipes to make with the family

To keep you busy as a family, nothing is better than sharing fun moments in the kitchen. Bib and utensils close at hand, it’s time to make awesome recipes! Shared by Sophie Bellon, from “Bille de Sucre” The best Halloween recipes

  • Recipe witch fingersTerrible cakes. (Reference: Recipe from 6’43”).
  • Recipe Homemade candyTo eat during the snack and throughout the evening. (Reference: recipe from 15’30’).
  • Recipe Ghost Cake Pop, for scary lollipops. (Reference: recipe from 18’45’).

Other than that, Yannick Leflot, passionate about cooking, brings you a recipe Bloody Minds Cupcake

Finally, France Bleu offers you a profile Halloween contest
. Alone or with opponents, take a paper and a pen and count your points. Let the best win!

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