François Regis Godry’s recipe for golden financiers that are easy to make!

François-Régis Gaudry shares a new recipe he got from pastry chef Benoit Castell: the financiers. These almond-butter-and-light-golden mini scones are a true teatime treat. Discover his tips to succeed like a chef.

This delicious little cake with almonds and butter originates from the Bourse district of Paris, hence its spikey look. The financier is François Regis Godry’s favorite “travel cake.” Today, he presents us with the perfect recipe from Benoit Castell, the pastry chef, so that it is tender and delicious! At snack time, on weekdays or weekends, in the office, to share with your colleagues or family, this intense almond flavored mini cake can be eaten anywhere and anytime! If you like it too, here is the recipe!

Recipe from financiers Francois Regis Godry

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for 16 financiers

180 gm unsalted butter
220 grams fine sugar
100gm ground almonds
100 g flour
180 g egg whites (about 6 eggs)
½ vanilla pod

16 Money Molds 3 x 8 x 1.5 cm

Matheon – 6 mm steel plate with Gobel coating

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to prepare

To get started, preheat the oven to 160 ° C.

Prepare the nut butter:

“Beurre noisette is butter that we will melt until it reaches the color, but also the nutty flavor.”
Council of François Regis Godry : Very important for nut butter, melt the butter over low heat to avoid attacking it.
Watch Nut Butter on Fire.

While the butter is melting, whisk all the powders together, namely: ground almonds, flour, sugar.

Then split half of the vanilla bean and scrape it with a knife to extract the seeds. Add the vanilla beans to the powders and mix with an electric beater, making sure the grains are evenly distributed. Once everything is well mixed, add the egg whites to the preparation. Mix again.

Your butter becomes a nut, and there A step not to be missed It’s when the reflections of the butter start to turn brown and brown/light and have a very greedy smell, “That’s really the calling of brown butter.”And Francois Regis Gudry explains.

Hazelnut butter is ready, pour it into your stock dough using a filter cassette.
Council of François Regis Godry Casein, this substance that was white on top of the butter and then turned brown, came to the bottom of the pot and is particularly unnecessary in our funders.

Mix your money dough well, there is a good pastry smell that “sticks to your nostrils” explains the food critic.

Put the dough into piping bags, in order to properly fill the molds.

Pour the mixture into the ungreased pans to the edge.

Bake financiers for about 25 minutes (to 30 minutes) watching. The financiers should be well swollen and well browned. calm downthen disassemble it.

“I’m the financiers, I love them hot, lukewarm and that’s no pleasure in the bakery”.

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