French Ligue: The Ajaccio-Paris Saint-Germain match is successful until Algeria, driven by the popularity of Youssef Belali.

From the lawn of Stade François Coty (or even on the bench, if he’s not in the starting line-up), Youssef Belaili will feel the fervor of his Algerian supporters and followers, on the other side of the Mediterranean for the first time in Corsica with Ajaccio.

Algerian fan favorite, Belaili, who has 3.5 million followers on Instagram, has launched an original initiative for a cinema in Annaba, the coastal city of more than 600,000 people in the northeast of the country. On its screen, Olympia will broadcast on Friday, 9 pm (8 pm local time), the advanced match of the twelfth day of the Ligue 1 between Ajaccio, 18, and Paris Saint-Germain, the captain of the tournament …

A photo taken by Algerian media, DZfoot, shows the poster advertising the event, which says a lot about the enthusiasm for the number 92 Ajaxian. Blailey, in his new shirt, occupies only the left part of the image, while in the right part we find the Paris Saint-Germain logo…

For a brief period, you might think that the native of Oran (Northwest Algeria) 2019 African champion with the Fennecs of the Sahara, 30 years old, is about to challenge the French champion and countless football stars!

Holy responsibility for the former Preistois who, after annoyingly ending his contract in Brittany at the end of September, signed on 12 October with AC Ajaccio until the end of the season.

However, Olivier Pantaloni’s first minutes against Bilali on Sunday in Troyes (1-1) were promising. Entering in the 77th minute, the left striker tied dribbles like rosary beads, caused a panic in Aube’s defense, and caused a cross pass from the right, to achieve the equalizer for Menem Al-Idrisi at the end of the match (88).

The Oran (northwest) native is still a dear player and the Algerians follow him a lot, wherever he plays and whatever he does. Already arriving in Brest last January, he has enabled the Breton Club to cross the one million subscribers mark on social networks.

The number of subscriptions to the Stade Brestois Instagram account has increased from 79,200 to over 211,000. On Facebook, more than 563,000 people have “liked” the SB29 page. In Ajaccio, as in Brest, the number of followers rose dramatically when it was announced that Bilali had joined the ranks of Corsica.

As for the Annaba initiative, there is no doubt that Olympia will reject the people on Friday, the weekly day of rest in Algeria.

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