Frozen honey, the trendy honey ice cream recipe on TikTok you should be wary of

Have you heard about this new trend driving TikTok? Frozen honey, or frozen honey in French, consists of placing a bottle full of honey in the freezer for 24 hours. Skip this time, just taste the gelatinous ice cream that comes out of the lid. While the idea sounds fun and the consistency is quite satisfying to watch, the trend still carries health risks.

In this video, these foods should not be on your shopping list:

problematic consumption

The problem with this trend is the way honey is consumed. Users claim that ice cream is healthy, because it consists only of a natural product. Obviously, this is an acronym that can cause health problems if taken at face value. Frozen honey encourages you to swallow a whole bottle of honey, while acting like sugar on the body. The danger, then, lies in saturating your body with carbohydrates. At first, you’ll feel a general euphoria that will turn into extreme fatigue, or even a headache once the effect wears off, nutrition expert Jamie Hickey explains to Healthline. And that’s definitely not what you want after enjoying ice cream.

Healthy alternatives

In this hot weather, it is normal to eat something fresh. But there are healthy alternatives to frozen honey. Choose, for example, homemade ice cream with fruits, such as a gentle cream. In terms of taste and texture, this banana ice cream will undoubtedly be more enjoyable than eating frozen honey, while being less sweet.

The correct way to consume honey

However, honey should not be demonized! This is good for your health when eaten properly. It is also a good alternative to sugar. You can, for example, put it in an herbal tea to get the most of its benefits, explains Elodie Phan, dietician and nutritionist and owner of the Instagram accountelo_nutryfit in Marie-Claire magazine. A teaspoon of honey can help us fight diseases. As in everything: just do not abuse it and be sure to limit the quantities.

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