Fruit gratin recipe by Philip Echebest

The fruit desserts are some of our favourites. Fresh and light, they are greedy and climb all our sweet breaks. Chef on his Youtube channel Philip Echebest Reveals her best recipes and cooking tips. This time, the arbitrator of the Top Chef offers to submit a file Fruit gratinAdaptable to all seasonal fruits. An easy, quick and above all inexpensive dessert.

Fruit gratin recipe by Philip Echebest

Enough for 4 people

180 gm strawberry
90 grams of blackberries
2 sprigs of mint
35 grams butter
1 tbsp. soft sugar
125 grams of raspberries
10 cl of liquid cream
2 egg yolks
5cl of red currant juice (white wine or grapefruit juice)

Start by cutting the strawberries into pieces. You can leave the blackberries and raspberries whole.

Heat the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Once the butter foams, add the fruit. Add the sugar and stir well before removing it from the heat.

Cut the mint into small pieces. Add it with the fruit and mix.

For fresh fruit sapaion, you can use currant juice, white wine or grapefruit juice. Put a little liquid in a saucepan, add the egg yolk and put on a very low heat. Mix for a few minutes.

Once your texture is smooth, put the Sabayon into a bowl. Whip liquid cream into whipped cream with sugar. Combine cream with Sabayon. Be careful, your Sabayon needs to be cold to not let the cream fall off.

Put the fruit in the bottom of the bowls. Add the preparation on top. Put your small plates in the oven to brown them. Once the top of your gratin is golden, enjoy!

Waste management tips from Philip Eichebest

If this recipe is perfect for enjoying and sharing a good fruit dessert, it’s also the perfect alternative to fighting food waste. In fact, the Prepare fruit gratin It allows you to use damaged or overripe fruit without having to throw it away. In fact, whether it is apricots, bananas, or even pears or apples, all ripe fruits will be perfect to enhance gratin recipe.

You can use fresh fruit or frozen fruit, but you can also add chocolate chips or fruit kuli on top.

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