Giulietta: Almodovar’s Great Recipe

Giulietta, a native of Madrid, is about to move to Portugal with her lover. But a few hours before leaving, she suddenly changed her mind, because on the street she met the ex-best friend of her daughter, who left 12 years ago without leaving an address.

Giulietta, by Pedro Almodóvar Photo: Metropolis Films

Finally, the drama

Femininity, friendship, invisibility, secrecy: the Modovarian Satanic themes.

And if this time the Spanish author had adapted three short stories by Alice Munro, and moved the story from Vancouver to Madrid, he would be thrilled JULIET Make him reconnect (after the comedy Transient lovers and the wonderful The skin I live inHis favorite genre: Drama. And God knows that when they color it with melodrama, as is the case here, the result is irresistible.

Two women sitting side by side on a bench, one carrying a little girl sitting on her lap.
Julieta by Pedro Almodovar Photo: Sony Pictures

Mother-daughter relationships, what a knot of vipers!

Driven by the fascinating and disturbing idea of ​​intergenerational transmission of guilt, JULIET Sailing in the same waters as those Volover or All about my mother (Even if, frankly, it doesn’t reach strength or depth.) Those in which only daughters and mothers can have intricate relationships, those in which colors are more intense than dressy, those in which femininity is exalted from pain. Yes, the topics are well known. But Almodovar masters it at his fingertips, able to condense life in a few minutes, allowing the most intense feelings to arise from seemingly banal situations.

Little girl reading a magazine on a sofa next to a woman lying down.
Giulietta, by Pedro Almodóvar Photo: Sony Pictures

always red

To the sound of Hitchcockian’s wild music and the details of red as sublime as it is hopeless, JULIET It doesn’t just celebrate by detailing feminine feelings sympathetically. It allows them to embody in the unforgettable bodies and faces of actresses: Rossi de Palma, unrecognizable, but Cuesta, Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte as powerfully as they move, and as fragile as they are free.

Yes, the recipe may be well known. But that’s the beautiful thing about Almodóvar cinema: it’s carefully crafted and pleases (almost) every time.

JULIET On Tuesday, August 16, 9 a.m.

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