God of War Ragnarok, what is the magic formula for one of the best game series in history?

game news God of War Ragnarok, what is the magic formula for one of the best game series in history?

In this new episode of JV Legends, we bring you a strong link between the God of War saga, its creators, and the characters in the game. With sometimes chaotic developments, the saga has managed to renew itself like few games before it.

Desire for excellence and a perfect career

God of War is a monument to the world of video games. More precisely, Sony’s license is one of the most popular game series in history. In fact, none of the main saga works, the original trilogy and recent reboots, have received a score below 90/100 on Metacritic. This consistency of excellence is a (very) rare thing in the industry. So, with a few minor games of lower quality, the license had no room for error with its return in 2018.

By force of circumstance and with unconcealed boldness, she has completely reinvented herself while retaining her identity, mixing Dantesque battles and legends. Farewell to Kratos’ boundless hatred and welcome to the latter’s paternal sympathy for young Atreus. This transition is not accidental. In fact, it is explained by the special association and various ambitions of Cory Barlog and David Jaffe, Epic’s parents.

God of War, a continuous future?

Cory Barlog, in tears, wanted to thank fans of the franchise and the teams who trusted him. In fact, the transition from Greek mythology to the gods of the North was not the most natural. After escaping from God of War’s ship a few years ago, the creator was aware of the ambition of his bet. With the 2018 Reboot Public Referendum, He also insisted on retaining a key savings component: innovation. Because yes, it is not he who directs the god of war Ragnarok, but a new disciple in the person of Eric Williams. Under good advice from Cory Barlog, Williams and the teams produced not a sequel, but a super-efficient extension. Everything is pushed to the limits, in accordance with the letter that the game design philosophy started 4 years ago.

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