Gordon Ramsay Shows New ‘FFS Cooking Show Beginner Style’ To Make Stars ‘Millions’

The celebrity chef will be releasing a new show soon – it was already commissioned for a second series before the first aired and even a US network snatched the rights to broadcast the show across the pond

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Gordon Ramsay may have recently shared his fear that he expects to fail in life – but a new business deal means he’ll make a nice little fortune while his latest TV show airs simultaneously in the UK and USA.

The 55-year-old celebrity chef is set to make a TV comeback this year with a new cooking show called Future Food Stars — which bears the nickname FFS that’s so sweet and fitting for Gordon.

The show is said to be a parody of The Apprentice and will follow 12 food entrepreneurs vying for investment from the F Word star.

The show has not yet begun broadcasting, but has already been greenlit for a second season on the BBC, while the rights to broadcast the show in the US have already been purchased by Fox in a “million pound deal”.

Gordon Ramsay gets a ‘Million Pounds’ deal for his new TV show



A source from the show opened up about the exciting new project, telling The Sun on Sunday: “Gordon is very excited, because it’s the first time he’s shown a program like this on TV in the UK and the US, with Fox and BBC at the same time – it’s A big problem for him.

“He is very much looking forward to shooting in the US in the new year, where he owns a home, and investing in the show’s winning US entrepreneur to add to his US portfolio.

“The Beeb producers are very excited – the challenges in the series are so epic, plus the personalities of all the contestants are huge.

Future Food Stars – or FFS – will be broadcast on BBC in the UK and Fox in the US



“Mix that with American-style cinematography and it feels a lot bigger and more modern than most TV shows on the box right now.”

Gordon’s good news comes just days after the star himself said his fear of failure is what drives him to reach for the stars every day.

He said, “It’s always about being better than what we’ve already done, and constantly pushing things around.

“I don’t sit and think ‘we made it’ or ‘we are financially safe. Why work so hard? “

While Gordon has been a hit on some shows — including Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Ramsay’s Best Restaurant — he didn’t always get to the right place.

Last year, he introduced a new game show called Bank Balance which was released a lot last February.

However, the show failed and was canceled after only one season due to low ratings.

Meanwhile, recent reports have suggested that Gordon’s success could soon overshadow the success and careers of his five sons.

Gordon has recently opened up about his fears of failure


NBCU Image Bank via Getty Images)

It has been suggested that 23-year-old daughter Megan, 22-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 20-year-old star Tillie and 2-year-old son Oscar “could make their fortunes ‘millions in the next few years'” if they take advantage of some of the tag’s opportunities. business, according to a public relations official.

Nick Eddy, founder of East of Eden PR, said:[They] They definitely go in the same direction as Beckham and Kardashian. They are in an ideal position setting themselves up for fame and fortune.”

He added that siblings could “worth millions” if they take advantage of the job opportunities, and follow in their parents’ footsteps, “they will be the ones to watch in 2022.”

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