Green Gods Salad, an appetizing recipe you won’t be able to do without this summer

With the approach of summer and hot weather, we want freshness and lightness during meals. Whether in our cups or on our plates, we prefer recipes that are refreshing. And the same for appetizers, it is better to bet on cold appetizers, not salty. If you’re short on inspiration, this hearty summertime must-have recipe will become a must-have for you.

Green goddess salad, a summer aperitif to share

If you are looking for new recipes ideas for you Summer appetizingThis salad that you can share with your friends is perfect. The Green Gods Salad It makes the rounds on TikTok because of its beautiful green color, but also for its ease of use. This salad is actually eaten with your fingers, using tortillas, like the guacamole recipe. Here are the steps to follow, echoed by Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell:

  • Chop the green cabbage very finely.
  • Cut the cucumber into small cubes.
  • Chop green onions and chives.
  • Mix everything in a large salad bowl.
  • Prepare a vinaigrette by mixing basil, fresh spinach, shallots, olive oil, lemon juice, chives, rice vinegar, salt, walnuts, cashews or almonds.
  • Pour vinegar sauce over the preparation.

And taste! Something to cool off summer evenings.

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? Original sound – Shay Mitchell

Summer appetizer recipes

The aperitif is a bit sacred, especially in summer. Sitting on the balcony or at home with friends is an exhilarating moment of the summer season. And to bring new life to your summer appetizers, here are some ideas to liven up your evenings.

  • Classic tomato mozzarella

Tomato mozzarella, it really is the main recipe for summer. But for a light appetizer, we make balls of tomato and mozzarella, which we collect on a skewer. To enhance everything, add watermelon balls and basil leaves to taste.

  • Fresh cheese bread

Breadsticks are truly an appetizer that we find in everyone’s home. But to peel it a little, dip the end of a breadstick into the fresh cheese, and cover it with slivers of dried fruit.

  • Roasted Sesame Feta

Also popular on TikTok, this recipe is really a must for summer appetizers and salads. Cut the feta cheese into small rectangles, cover with sesame and spices of your choice, and fry in a little oil.

  • Cucumber and salmon rolls

Nothing beats a combination of cucumber and salmon in summer. For an appetizer, cut the cucumbers into thin slices, brush them with a little cream cheese. Put a piece of salmon on it, wrap it all up, prick it with a toothpick, and you’re done.

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