Health tips. How to prepare a healthy appetizer, the basic summer recipe

An aperitif is a must in summer and summer is always synonymous with fun. If you are looking for ideas for original appetizers, today we invite you to discover a healthy appetizer recipe from micro-nutritionist Astrid Roman.

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An aperitif is a must in summer! Before the barbecue, in the middle of the afternoon or in the evening, the appetizer opens the mouthful and spirits. We never get tired! But how are pleasures different?

We all know the traditional peanut/chip appetizer, however it doesn’t always work for us. If you are looking for original and easy-to-digest recipes, today we invite you to discover a healthy appetizer recipe from precision nutritionist Astrid Roman.

Fresh, to enjoy with or without a drink, this recipe will give you some ideas!

If the word “recipe” scares you, fear not! The idea is to be able to make an appetizer easily, without spending hours in the kitchen.

Without a big kitchen and with a few ideas, you can make an aperitif with vitamin.

Today we present to you an easy and quick recipe full of vitamins:

To cool off in this sweltering period, Astrid Roman invites us to make as many dishes as desired.

So we will be able to achieve the following:

⁃ raw vegetable dish
⁃ grilled eggplant dish
⁃ A plate of sun-dried tomatoes
– A plate of toast with vitamins

In general, when we talk about a “gourmet dish”, it means that we will serve you well! Know that you will enjoy yourself! To do this, you will need some components. here they are :

Let’s start by making a dish of raw vegetables with peppers, cucumbers of different colors and carrots. It must be beautiful to the eye.

For a dish of raw vegetables, you will need cThe Bride, pLet’s drink and wCucumber; Not forgetting the accompanying sauce. To do this, you will need fWhite cheese or soy sauce, mustard or curry and pepper.

Start by peeling the vegetables and then make your own little sauce by mixing cheese or soy sauce with a little mustard and pepper.

This simple and gourmet dish of raw vegetables can be accompanied by many small gourmet dishes.

We won’t stop there! Let’s add a little color and strength to our healthy appetizer! So, you will needeggplant, some tDried omato, one to two bSardines, 1-2 bCod liver and baby ttoast toast

In a matter of minutes, you can make some delicious and healthy appetizers.

For the eggplant, cut it in half and add a little olive oil and then roast it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

Without toast, no aperitif! To do this, take a large bowl. Add sardines and cod liver. Mix and arrange the mixture on the toast. This blend is rich in Vitamins D, Vitamin E, DHA and essential fatty acids for the brain.

Finally, we end up with sun-dried tomatoes! Take the sun-dried tomatoes and arrange them on a plate.

There you have it, a vitamin-rich, low-calorie and delicious appetizer!

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