Sunday 21 November 2021

Updated on Sunday, November 21, 2021

Before the Christmas holidays, it is interesting to go green to prepare your body and continue to lose weight while having fun.

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means heavy, hearty family meals will be on the way soon. Admittedly, holiday meals are delicious, but they are too calorie bombs. Foie gras, champagne, petit fours, logs and cheese are eagerly awaited but also dreaded when you’re looking to lose weight.

Don’t panic, distraction during the holidays won’t spoil all your efforts if you expect it. A detox before Christmas can prepare your body For the many fatty meals he will have to digest and will limit your weight gain. Plus, fall is a season full of beautiful produce to create balanced and gourmet recipes.

Autumnal Detox Recipes: A Slimming Ally Before Christmas

Fresh seasonal produce is one of the best things about fall! You’ll find that squash, turnip, beets, pumpkin and other delicious vegetables are in every vegetable vendor and there are plenty of delicious recipes to help you put them to good use. As the weather gets colder, you’re probably looking for ideas to warm your soul, but not all easy fall dinner recipes are particularly healthy. This is where these delicious combinations come in!

The healthy fall recipes on our menu are colorful, packed with nutrients, and make the most of what the season has to offer. Plus, these recipes will warm your body and your heart! There are many recipes that change the types of soups and gratin but that will be delicious and comforting. Creating a healthy diet will help you lose weight, even before the holiday season.

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