Here’s a creamy and melting quiche recipe from Cyril Lignac

When we think of Quick and easy dishPasta is often at the top of our reference list. However, when you’re a bit hungry, when you’re having friends or simply in the evening when you come home late from work (for those who always go to work), quiche looks perfect! Gourmet, but also light, depending on the ingredients you choose, you can make it in many ways. With or without meat, with vegetables, with fish… So preparing quiche It seems like a child’s play, more than once we have happened to take this divine dish out of the oven, finding it flat and not touching. In fact, the lining often droops, and we have quiche It loses all its luster. To be well amplified, we trust Cyril Lignac revealed into a microphone RTL recipe for qA divine stature that withstands cooking. The Chef’s Secret to Getting a Well-Puffed Quiche? short thick pastries, The thicker it is, the softer and more meltable it is. ». For a melting and golden quiche, here are the preparation steps to follow.

Gourmet Quiche Recipe from Cyril Lignac:

you need :

short thick paste

6 whole eggs

50 cl of cream

80g grated cheese

Optional: shallots

Steps to prepare delicious Cyril Linak Quiche:

Prepare a short thick dough

In a bowl, break 6 eggs, beat them and add 50 cl of cream and 40 g of grated cheese.

Fry bacon in a skillet.

Spread the short, thick dough on a mould. Add shallots if desired.

Pour the mixture over the dough.

Add the rest of the grated cheese to brown it.

Put it in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of 185 degrees.

Quiche Lauren: But what do you eat?

Eating a quiche on your own is a bit sad. For a complete balanced dish, you have to spice it up with a bit of nature with a salad or a bit of veggies. Are you in a hurry? Clean a few lettuce leaves, make a good walnut oil vinaigrette, here is one of the most vibrant combinations waiting for you! Do you have more time? Green vegetables, why not cool, can accompany this dish and give it a touch of lightness.

To ensure balance, avoid things that are too greasy or heavy. Quiche is already!


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