Here’s Bella Hadid’s favorite salad recipe

Finally the sun has set. In the soup and broth in the cupboard, hello to light dishes, and Fresh salads like a gourmet. Although we love the spring vibe of cooking, we have to admit that ideas run out pretty quickly when it comes to our recipes for making our salads. If they are always a good idea when it starts to get hot, they can also very quickly get boring If we do not add a little activity. The problem is that finding a very good and healthy salad recipe is often complicated. It’s hard to join to mix the two completely. Well, that was before tik tok not Changing our power game. In fact, a video has caught the curiosity of the fans of the app. Because ? that it Bella Hadid’s favorite salad recipe. Oh yeah, nothing more. If the recipe has already exceeded a million views, then its salad, it is not very rich. With Its five componentswe must admit, she knew how to make our mouths water, and we’ll hurry to get her ready.

Bella Hadid’s tips for preparing your salad

If the young woman’s modeling talents aren’t proven, she clearly has other tricks in her headdress, or should we say, in her hat. ” My salad number 1. I missed the end of this video because I had to finish the rest of the dinner and I was late. (Not pictured: Your favorite olive oil added at the end with a balsamic glaze (non-negotiable, it’s a must, I swear) Then mix it all together. The avocado becomes part of the sauce so it’s creamy and delicious. Add lemon if desired Top model advised. And if just the thought of tasting this salad makes our taste buds tremble in advance, she has other little recipes ready to delight us. In fact, she has already shared her recipes for macaroni or chicken shawarma. We’re keeping them in our mouths, and for now, we’ll focus on his power that may become essential this season.

How to prepare Bella Hadid’s favorite salad


  • Rocca
  • Option
  • Red pepper
  • Parmesan cheese
  • lawyer
  • Lemon juice
  • Olive and balsamic oil

Preparation :

  1. Cut the cucumber, red pepper and avocado into cubes, then add them to a bowl with the arugula and the crumbled Parmesan cheese.
  2. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
  3. add it balsamic glaze And olive oil over the sauce.
  4. Mix them together and have fun!

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