Here’s the “healthy” cola recipe that’s driving social networks crazy

Posted on Jun 14, 2022 at 11:14am

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On TikTok, a “healthy” Coca-Cola recipe made with balsamic vinegar has caused an uproar and split netizens.

TikTok hit again. Over the past few days, the platform has been invaded with videos of netizens trying a “healthy” recipe that is supposed to recreate the taste of cola. She’s a user by the name of Amanda Jones (mandyvjones) – known for her ideas about healthy recipes – who posted a sequence showing how she got a drink that perfectly imitates the taste of cola, but in a less sweet version. “My Pilates teacher makes this drink almost every day, it’s a healthy alternative to cola. I’m not kidding: it really tastes like Coca-Cola,” she explains to her subscribers. The mixture in question? In a glass filled with ice cubes, mix balsamic vinegar with La Croix guava-flavored sparkling water. “You can use any sparkling and flavored water. You will see, it is very healthy and good for your health,” says the young woman.

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It was enough for netizens to get carried away. As of this writing, Amanda Jones’ video has over six million views and the hashtag #healthycoke has over 37 million views. Very quickly, hundreds of people wanted to try this recipe and videos are still booming by the hundreds on social networks. Obviously, from one user to another, opinions about the drink and its similarity with real Coca-Cola diverge … And to be sure, you will have to try!

Coke can be part of a balanced diet

Faced with the “health cola” craze, the nutritionist responsible for the nutritionbyKylie account wanted to try it too, adding a little nuance: “First of all, if you like a cola, drink it. Certain drinks can be part of a balanced diet. As long as it is eaten in moderation, this is the case with Coca-Cola.”

After tasting the mixture, the professional assured her: it was not at all like the famous sweet drink. “It tastes exactly how you can imagine it. It just feels like sparkling balsamic vinegar.”

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