Here’s the meatless back to school list you need

How to make a back to school menu without meat easily?

Fun and balance

Back to school is rarely the most joyous event of the year. To make it more attractive, we do not hesitate to create a festive atmosphere with original and gourmet recipes.
Even if you do not eat meat, the menu should contain protein. Thus, eggs and legumes will be your best friends for a balanced meal. Remember to include a portion with every meal, whether it’s an appetizer and main course, or even as a dessert. Do you find legumes boring? Wait until you discover this list without a special back meat. You must change your mind.

Back to school menu without meat

As a start, we chose a spread that is inseparable from Mexico: guacamole. Gourmet, this recipe has festive accents. Exactly what you need to get rid of meal time recovery worries. the secret of success? Choose very ripe avocados (it should be soft, but not soft to the touch), and don’t skimp on the seasoning. Also, don’t forget to sprinkle the guacamole with lemon. In addition to bringing in a bit of acidity, this prevents the avocado from oxidizing and darkening.

The meal continues with enchiladas topped with red beans and cheddar cheese. Another popular Mexican specialty that delights both adults and children. The advantage of red beans is that they bring a good amount of protein to the dish, which is essential for a vegetarian meal.
You’ll notice that this recipe includes Mexican wheat flour pancakes. If you have the time, these homemade tortillas are very easy to make. The recipe is very simple, and it does not require any hard-to-find ingredients, just flour, water, oil and a pinch of salt. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, it is no problem to buy ready-made wheat pancakes. Back to school week is sporty enough, there’s no need to add more work in the kitchen.

We finish this list with one of our favorite desserts, the chocolate mousse. And not just about Jean-Francois Page himself! The peculiarity of the recipe is that the chef prepares sapayon with water, sugar and egg yolk before adding cocoa. Next, beat the egg whites and mix them with the melted chocolate and whipped cream and then add the sepia. Thanks to this technique, the mousse does not need to take several hours in the refrigerator. Ten minutes is enough to get an antenna. So you can make this recipe the same evening, and let it rest while you savor the appetizers and main course. Convenient isn’t it?

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