Here’s the poor man’s parmesan recipe to make with a single ingredient from the cupboard

Ah, parmesan! We love sprinkling it over pasta to add a twist to a very classic dish, drizzling it over our salads and carpaccioes in summer or with a fine wine for cheese lovers. For if it has a strong and distinct taste, its strong and grainy texture generally makes everyone agree and has the art of elevating a simple dish into a sophisticated one. The incomparable Parmesan cheese comes from a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and requires very special knowledge. In fact, this method is not implemented in any old fashioned way, it requires a particularly slow manufacturing process, which generally justifies its high price.

Bucatini Alamatriciana recipe video:

Depending on its age, the price of Parmesan can go from simple to double, making it an almost noble product in these times of crisis. The good news is that you won’t have to give up Parmesan entirely for the sake of economy. in southern Italy, Pasta con la molica It is very popular and serves as the basis in many dishes. Moleka is made from stale bread that tastes and feels like Parmesan once cooked. Nothing to do with real Parmesan, but the illusion is that you can add it to all your dishes.

the recipe

To prepare it, all you have to do is brown the stale bread in a little olive oil and then reduce the toast to crumbs. The recipe is now endlessly varied for more flavors: you can add thyme, oregano, hot pepper and all kinds of spices. Then we use these breadcrumbs the same way we use Parmesan cheese.

One of the star dishes that can be found all over southern Italy is the famous pasta con molica: it’s a Sicilian recipe, really made with almost nothing since there’s pasta and breadcrumbs, but I promise you won’t be disappointed, as mollica adds a crunchy texture that isn’t fun It is found in Parmesan pasta.

Waste-free recipe

If the recipe has a knack for tickling your palate, the good news is that in addition to being anti-waste, molica can also be kept for ten days. Just put it in an airtight glass jar and spray it as you wish on all the dishes that come with it! So the next time you have bread too dry to eat, don’t throw it in the trash, it just might become your new favorite seasoning!

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