Homemade bikini scrub against ingrown hairs – two easy recipes to prepare and when to apply them

Before lying on the beach to sunbathe or go swimming, you should take care of the bikini area … Unfortunately, irritation, pimples and especially ingrown hairs are common problems that occur after shaving or washing and hair removal. On the other hand, one can do their best to prevent it in a simple, natural, cheap and effective way. This homemade swimwear scrub comes to the rescue and completely exfoliates that delicate part so you can feel your best.

Bikini scrub for ingrown hairs at home

You exfoliate your face and body a lot to remove dead cells and smooth your skin, right? But do you pay special attention to the area from the lower abdomen to the upper thighs: the pubis? Mostly not. However, the truth is that the best solution for horrible ingrown hairs, pimples, and irritation is regular exfoliation.

Why peel off the bikini line?

Homemade swimsuit scrub ingrown hair before or after waxing shaving recipes

Regular bikini scrub at home not only combats ingrown hairs, but is beneficial in many ways. For example, many of us suffer from discoloration or hyperpigmentation in the bikini area. And although in most cases it is completely natural – genetic or hormonal, this does not mean that we cannot manipulate the skin to improve its appearance. It exfoliates the pubic area, evens skin tone, refreshes dull skin and leaves it extremely soft and velvety.

When is the pubic area exfoliated?

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Many girls wonder when to exfoliate their skin: before or after shaving or waxing? First, know that the pubic area is very sensitive and it is generally not recommended to treat it “dry”. So apply this homemade swimwear scrub to the end of the shower or bath when the area softens.

Homemade bikini scrub ingrown hairs easy recipes before shaving hair removal

It should also be borne in mind that exfoliation a day before waxing or shaving is optimal to avoid ingrown hairs and other inconveniences. Massaging the scrub will bring the hair back to the surface, improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Homemade swimwear exfoliator works best before shaving/waxing.

What to avoid to prevent ingrown hairs

Bikini scrub before hair removal after shaving Peeling of ingrown hairs at home

Since we are talking about a very sensitive area, the use of aggressive products or products that contain inflammatory components is definitely prohibited. This is why we recommend a homemade swimwear scrub whose ingredients and origins you know. Here is a small list of all the things to avoid:

  • Scented scrubs. Anything with added perfumes can cause skin irritation in the bikini area. So, opt for products based on natural ingredients or make a homemade bikini scrub to keep the skin calm.
  • Lots of washing. Personal hygiene is essential, but frequent waxing or shaving can seriously irritate the area. Give the skin a few days to heal between procedures and if you’re shaving, always use a sharp blade.
  • tight clothes. Tight underwear and synthetic fabrics can stress the bikini area and worsen color and ingrown hairs. Allowing your skin to breathe is the way to go if you are trying to prevent these major inconveniences.

Homemade swimsuit scrub recipes

Bikini scrub home recipe with olive oil and baking soda

In short, you shouldn’t skip exfoliating that delicate part of your skin to prevent hair removal issues, but since the bikini area is very sensitive, you should be very careful with your exfoliator. So, a homemade swimsuit scrub is the best solution against ingrown hairs when you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Here are two recipes to try at home:

Homemade bikini scrub ingrown hairs baking soda extra virgin olive oil

Sodium bicarbonate contains fine grains that polish the skin without causing irritation, while olive oil moisturizes. Mix well 1/4 cup of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. After you shower or bathe, lather the paste with your fingertips and gently massage it into the bikini area using circular motions.

Homemade bikini face scrub recipe for cleaning under the skin with olive oil and brown sugar

Rinse with lukewarm water (avoid very hot water which may irritate your skin) and pat dry gently with a clean towel. Finally, apply a soothing moisturizer, such as one made with aloe vera, to lock in the moisture that olive oil provides. Repeat the process once a week, the day before waxing or shaving, or as needed.

Homemade Sugar Scrub for Swimwear

Homemade bikini ingrown hair scrub easy recipe brown sugar and olive oil

Sugar scrubs tend to be less abrasive than others because the crystals are rounder and smaller. To enjoy, mix ½ cup of brown sugar with ¼ cup of olive or coconut oil. Add essential oils, such as lavender or peppermint, if you want a naturally scented homemade bikini scrub. If you have anything left after the first use, store it in an airtight container for up to four weeks.

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Two variants of this last recipe call for adding a spoonful of honey to the sweet mix or alternatively using sugar and salt in a 1:1 ratio. It’s up to you which version you choose, either way, our swimwear is a must try. Before shaving or hair removal, not after.

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