Homemade bread recipe: choose flour, yeast or sourdough, all our advice for success

Flour, water, yeast, salt … that’s all you need to make good homemade bread. We take with you the necessary and essential steps to embark on this highly gourmet adventure.

Many of us found out during the 2020 lockdowns how much it was Nice and easy to prepare your own bread. Share with us very simple recipe To make your own bread. Today we return to Main manufacturing steps We tell you everything you need to know Make perfect homemade bread. The only thing you need is a little time…unless you invest in a bread machine!

What is the best flour for making homemade bread?

We have already introduced you to different types of flour and their uses. For baking, we recommend the following types of flour.

  • T65 : It is white flour, perfect for White bread like a baguette.
  • T80: It is almost completely accurate for special bread.
  • T110 : Here the flour is complete and therefore it is intended for it Making wholemeal bread.

What is the difference between yeast and sourdough?

The principle of baking is that the yeast feeds on the carbohydrates in the flour, and this will cause gas bubbles Let the bread rise. Baker’s yeast is the same as that used to make beer. Contains bacteria that cause alcoholic fermentation . yeast It is obtained by The phenomenon of natural fermentation From a mixture of water and flour. You can get it from your baker. Or make your own by mixing 50 grams of flour and 35 grams of lukewarm water. Baking powder is a mixture It is based on sodium bicarbonateWhich will create carbon dioxide and thus make the dough rise.

What equipment is needed to make bread?

The oven is of course necessary to bake bread. Upstream, you can too Use a food processor to knead the dough . bread machineIt’s also a way to make bread without worrying (almost) about it. It’s up to you to choose the materials that best suit your desire to make your own bread!

What are the steps of making bread?

four ingredients To make bread: water, flour, yeast, salt. Then follow each of these steps.

  1. Or not, Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl. There are 500g of flour, 300ml of warm water, 10g of salt and yeast (5g if it was dry or 21g if it was fresh).
  2. Knead with a wooden spoon to get Very flexible dough. This process should be fast. Do not add flour if you find the dough is too sticky. It won’t have the ability to blend seamlessly into your mix. Better to do with this dough a little too soft.
  3. Let the dough riseLet it rest for at least an hour and a half in a salad bowl, covered with a tea towel. The The ambient temperature should be rather high . Feel free to bring your salad closer to the cooler!
  4. Then separate the dough into Several small balls. Leave to stand again for an hour and a half at room temperature. You can also let future bread rest Overnight in the refrigerator.
  5. Bake it on a baking sheetCovered with butter paper. Put a bowl of water on the plate. hard cooking 10 minutes at 250°C, then forty minutes at 200 degrees. Pay attention, your bread is ready when its crust is golden.

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