How Brandin Cooks Became Texas Leader During His ‘Toughest’ Season

Hunting #1, total 40 yards receiving:
Brandin Cox Airborne. Two jaguars wrapped around him like gargoyles. A prayer of passage from Tyrod Taylor struck the cooks’ hands like a leather mortar. The three players collide two yards from the goal line.

Why don’t you start here first? Yes, the 2021 season is almost over for the Texans, for the Chefs, for a reformed slate just months away from distracting players like electrons while the team’s core undergoes another elemental change.

It is almost impossible to believe that chefs would be one of them. The wide receiver who has played eight seasons with four NFL franchises, every time he moves through the trade, is finally so deeply embedded in the alchemy of the team’s culture that it is hard to imagine the conditions in which he would leave.

The Cooks haven’t played three seasons for the same team since New Orleans, the team they’ve drafted number 20 overall. That first reception of 2021 — the first of a 132-yard five-a-side game against Jacksonville in the season opener — sums up why the 28-year-old is back next year and why the Texans need him.

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