How do we keep wasps at last this summer? The unstoppable recipe

Wasps are particularly invasive this summer and can spoil a meal eaten outside. To keep them away, you better have the right method. Here’s a specialist tip!

This summer, France was swept by a real invasion of hornets. There isn’t a single porch, one restaurant to escape from, but the presence of wasps can be especially annoying in your home, both indoors and out when enjoying barbecues, evenings in the garden, or lounging on vacation. However, there are some fairly simple tips to effectively get rid of an invader:

  • Pesticides are possible, products are available in the market but the method is impractical around the table, radical and toxic.
  • The easiest way is probably to get a hornet killer that you can find in the market or even better than making a homemade hornet trap. We provide you with the usage instructions below or with pictures in our custom file

Homemade and 100% effective recipe for wasp trap, provided by an expert!

Nicolas Roux de Pizzo, founder of and pest expert, agreed to share his unstoppable recipe for a hornet trap:

  1. First: the container: the easiest way is to use a plastic bottle. Start by cutting off the top of the bottle, which is about a third of a 1.5 liter bottle. The bottom of the bottle will be used to apply a bait as well as a liquid that traps the wasp by drowning. Water or beer is fine. Then flip the top over and place it over the bottom to create a funnel and thus your trap.
  2. What is the bait to use? Many say syrup syrup, or fruit. Problem, other insects like bees can also be attracted to the ecosystem. A tip by Nicholas Roux of Bezio, a piece of meat, shrimp shells, or sardine heads can do the trick. Even better, if you reuse your barbecue leftovers, a little meat fat diluted in water will taste perfect.
  3. Where do you put your trap? As far as possible from the table and where you want to spend time! Nicolas Roux de Béziers advises placing several places around your dining area or near the windows of rooms with a small number of people. “These solutions only allow you not to be bothered by hornets, especially during your outdoor meals,” and in no way will you eliminate a hornet’s nest. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist!

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