How do you lose against Australia?

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The Blues World Cup kicks off tonight against Australia and the stakes are already set to be decisive for Didier Deschamps’ men. Indeed, to succeed in rediscovering the delicious scent of glorious defeat and commemorating 2002, France will have to lose in style and this from the very first match. Not an easy task against Australia. Here’s what it takes for the Blues to make it happen.

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Come on now, let’s see how we take soup against Australia.

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On September 25, the French national team suffered another defeat against Denmark in Copenhagen (2-0). Since then, no match and 4 new injuries. So, with the taste of Danish soup in the mouth, the Blues begin the biggest competition, being deprived of such captains as Pogba, Kante and Benzema.

France – Australia, history not on our side

The Blues will face Australia for the sixth time in their history. Three times the French won a duel against soccerros, Including the last opposition in the previous World Cup (2-1). Let’s now take a look at why we can hope this rematch will turn out differently.

French Environment, FFL’s No. 1 asset

Since the DD List was announced, obviously, if the FFL is to have reason to hope, it should be placed in the blue environment. In our wildest dreams, we will see Marseille duo Guendouzi-Veretout breathe into this squad the same momentum that allowed OM to snatch their exclusion from all competition at the last second against Tottenham.

But in fact, even if he was a man of challenges, the DD probably wouldn’t decide to put such a handicap on himself in the first game. It is possible that the emergence of Youssouf Fofana and Aurelien Tchoameni, or even the experience of Rabiot, would have favored him to take on Middlesbrough’s skilful midfielder (English D2) Riley McGarry, much to our chagrin. We can still hope for some ball loss and lack of automation, especially at the beginning of the match.

Best FFL Midfield Opportunities:

Behind, keep the taste of the danish gravy

He can be our enemy as well as our savior. On his line, Hugo Lloris is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world. But when it comes to stepping out of this territory, Hugo immediately becomes more inspired. As evidenced by his latest masterpiece with Tottenham in the Premier League.

This is a good thing because in general, “weak” teams like Australia tend to swing past big sinkers in the hope of a favorable rebound or control. As far as defense is concerned, the Blues have already had their dress rehearsal during their last game against Denmark in the League of Nations by mastering the role of the sieve to perfection, with less than 50% duels for the entire defense being win-win. Don’t expect less.

Top FFL opportunities behind:
  • The stadium’s air conditioning broke down, favoring opposition forwards who almost all play in Australia
  • Lloris has to get out of midair at some point in the match
  • Oscar Piastri joins McLaren (Jimmy, forward) to ride the French defense and humiliate a second time in the Alps
  • The French defenders decided to pay a collective tribute to Jonathan Klaus (remained in France) and his final bout in blue and they both won 0.00% of their duels.

Little hope of attack

With Mbappe and Benz – sorry, with Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud all on fire in Milan, France has nothing to fear up front. If we exclude the element of injury from our recipes, we will have to be creative in order to succeed in finding a taste for failure in this part of the French game.

Top FFL opportunities in the future:
  • Jerrod activates 2018 mode and converts 0.0% of scoring chances
  • Faced with the pressure of playing for his employer, Mbappe stammers on soccer
  • Mbappe feels insulted at not being the only king on the field because of Joel King and decides to strike
  • Australia gets off the bus and Antoine Griezmann is changing teams, attracted by the defensive relief called for by Diego Simeone.

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