How do you make Christmas candy?

Story of the christmas candy Or plum pudding (almost) that could be confused with UK. The British would have discovered it thanks to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Of German origin, he would make the court and his loyal subjects appreciate tree decorations and Christmas pudding! Could this Christmas fruit dessert be German? both! Its history is much older and only Albert allowed the British people to rediscover this bright delicacy.

Christmas candy, a recipe that has evolved over the centuries

In the 14th century, a porridge of beef, lamb, currants, plums, wine and spices was eaten as a fasting meal before Christmas. In the 17th century, it was thickened with eggs, dried fruit, and breadcrumbs, and topped with beer or spirits. But the Puritans were going to outlaw it in 1664. In 1714, King George I reinstated it. The Christmas candy recipe Surrounded by myths and legends. One of them says that it should contain thirteen items to represent Jesus and his disciples, and that each member of the family should move it with a wooden spoon, from east to west, to make a wish. The sacred branch refers to the wreath of Jesus at the crucifixion. Another tradition is that a piece of five is inserted into the appliance before cooking. Good luck to whoever finds it.

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The preparation of Christmas pudding is very ritualistic

If it got the name in part, this dessert would look almost like candy. The latter, sweet or savory, is an all-encompassing combination, which has become a generic term in English cuisine to designate, among other things, any hearty dessert. Kidney fat, blood, black or white pudding, and lamb stuffing can all be some of the delicious pudding ingredients. All cooked in the oven or in a water bath. Christmas pudding is prepared in November. The ingredients are added one by one and the mixture is not mixed or even cooked until Stir-up Sunday. For the eye, it is a compact mass, moist from the inside. It is served at Christmas after stuffed turkey and cranberry sauce (bread sauce) and cranberry sauce (cranberry sauce) or a Christmas roast made with roasted meat. England obliges, it is flaming with spirits before it is served.

The first role in literature

In a short story, Agatha Christie makes Christmas pudding as it should. on a silver platter, christmas candy Rested on his glory.” In “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens described “cannonball-like candies, all speckled, hard, sprinkled with flaming brandy and decorated with a holly bough planted in the centre.” Just like Joan Fluke in her detective novel “Plum Pudding Murder” In “Christmas Pudding”, Nancy Mitford paints a picture of the English aristocracy in the 1930s at Christmas.

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