How do you make tomato pie?

In summer, vegetables from the sun take center stage on the table. Among them, we obviously count the tomato, the summer ingredient par excellence which can also be prepared in vegetable tian as in salad or even in salty tart. It must be said that tomato pie Although it may be an easy recipe, it can be rejected and absorbed in many ways and can also be eaten for an aperitif, a picnic or a dinner in the garden.

Which dough do you choose to prepare a tomato pie?

Every pie recipe, whether savory or sweet, asks the same question: Which pie crust to choose ? regarding tomato pie recipe, tradition recommends choosing puff pastry, but other combinations nevertheless allow you to change the pleasures, such as pastry sheets or pastries made of polenta. If you have a little time, bet on homemade pie dough: You can flavor it with aromatic herbs like basil or even a thyme mixture to bring out your flavors. Homemade tomato pie.

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3 tips for making homemade tomato pie

if it was Tomato pie preparation Easy and requires only a few steps, it is advisable to carefully pick and drain the tomatoes to avoid getting a soft pie dough. Here are three tips for preparing tomatoes properly, and therefore for Make a tomato pie every-time.

  • If all tomatoes could be picked make tomato pie, Steak tomatoes are a particularly suitable variety for this recipe: they are very fleshy and release very little juice when cooked.
  • To prevent the tomatoes from making water, you can sprinkle a little breadcrumbs on the bottom of the dough, this will help absorb the cooking juices.
  • To drain the tomatoes, place them in a bowl with coarse salt, and let the salt absorb the tomato juice on a clean kitchen towel or baking sheet.

Our ideas for adapting a tomato pie recipe

Although authentic tomato pie Or lined with a base of aged mustard, it is possible to turn down this recipe that smells like summer in many ways, using, for example, green pesto or fresh goat cheese. You can also decorate your pie with feta or mozzarella cheese, add some anchovies or raw ham, or even use cherry tomatoes or candied tomatoes. tomato pie more authentic.

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