How to cook lamb leg successfully?

For a family meal, make a leg of lamb using advanced cooking.

Where does lamb leg come from?

On today’s menu, melt in lamb thigh, a traditional recipe to rediscover. credit: pixabay

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nothing like French cuisine To learn how to prepare Meat A lot of giving. Like veal, this cut brings a lot of iron and strengthens immune defensesWhich makes it a good healthy ally. Lamb’s leg is a musical instrument that dates back to the Middle Ages jig. Its shape reminds us of the part of the meat that ends up on your plate.

The southeast He was the first to honor and display this animal meat Provencal accents. In short, it is a traditional dish of French gastronomy, which has spread to all regions. The first recipe appeared in the 18th century, according to Charles Durand, they cook for the bishops of Alice, Nimes and Montpellier. In Auvergne, we talk about pregnancy “To Proud”Cooked with potatoes.

Today, this dish is found in tables familyEspecially on the occasion of Easter. All gourmets would love to revisit this traditional recipe and appreciate all its flavors. While that Manal where Pink ? Set the veal or beef aside to guide you into an even, tender piece.

How do you choose meat?

With family or friends, a leg of lamb is a piece to share. credit: hlphoto

Among our gourmet recipes, we recommend the traditional “seven-hour mutton”. The recipe is here.

To make sure you buy the right cut of meat, you need to know a little bit about it. The leg of lamb It always meets with equal success and is often the best-selling part of this animal, as it is the most tender. Make sure its color is correct Pink with one Meat closed And brilliant. Prefer lamb thigh 2.5 kg For reasonable weight with a Cercle And generous.

Probably freeze 48 hours Leg of lamb in the refrigerator. You will get a file Go juicy as you like. Many cooking methods can be offered to make a real chef meal, follow the guide!

cooking lamb leg

Lamb thigh recipes will make your head spin! credit: shutterstock

Fond of original recipes, you may like the mint lamb leg, a real delight! The recipe is here.

If you have dinner at home, we can only recommend this part of the animal. some love it rare meatAnd some prefer it to me Point or just Nada. No matter how you want for cooking Lamb leg allows you to take advantage of different flavors depending on the recipe and cooking method.

in the Oven : To cook the meat in the oven, Leave 1 hour ago Meat out of the fridge to give it time to untie And return to room temperature. Depending on the chosen recipe, you can leave simmer leg of lamb in infusion Several hours, so that it can be impregnated with various components. If you soak it olive oilThese fats will help it cook better inside and out to get a good result. Grid. Start with a temperature 240 ° C for 15 minutes, Then it goes down to 200 degrees Celsius. From time to time, you can interrupt cooking to cover the meat with the marinade again. Once the oven is off, leave the meat inside for a few more minutes.

To get more result smooth And smokingyou can wrap your kitchen aluminum foil. This trick will allow you to create a file Shell on a piece of meat. leg of lamb Manal Very delicious!

in the tagine : talking about “Seven Hour Lamb” When cooked in the casserole. In this machine, put the star of the recipe and cover it with water as well as differently Spices that serve spices (Onions, herbs, vegetables, salt…). For French cuisine, you can even pour white wine. Let’s cooking in medium heat Through Seven o’clock, which is the time when the meat is allowed to infiltrate these different flavors. You can leave the casserole for seven hours in a preheated oven 120°C, in advance. Wait a quarter of an hour before serving this recipe to your guests.

barbeque : For the summer season, we put on the barbecue to surprise the taste buds with this little taste delicate herbs. cut the meat into cubes for your installation skewers. Once again, feel free to prepare a delicious marinade to flavor the cuts of meat. We welcome spices and herbs from Provence. Let the skewers brown for at least 10 minutes on the stove. You can accompany them with parts of French fries Or a mixed salad.

How do you check cooking?

For Easter, please those around you with a quality piece.

Discover 15 particularly delicious lamb recipes, for you to dare to cook. Recipes here.

The biggest fear we can have when cooking meat is that it is not cooked well or is too grilled, within limits. burnt. Don’t overwhelm a little tricks. use a Thermometer can help you check the bread. If it displays a temperature 60°C For example, your dish is ready. The old way is to insert a file code from a knife inside the body through 15 secondsNo drop of blood should appear once the container is removed. Feel free to savor your cooking as you go and adjust the seasoning at the same time.

It is clear that the cooking time of a piece of meat affects the result obtained:

Nada : 10 to 15 minutes of cooking on low heat.

medium rare : 15 to 20 minutes of cooking.

well cooked : 20 to 25 minutes of cooking.

Lamb leg recipe

Guess who would bring a touch of fun to this chef’s kitchen? credit: istock

This essential ingredient for family holiday meals will make your mouth water! Among our lamb thigh recipes, learn how to cook lamb leg like a chef.

Enough for 4 people
Preparation time:
cooking time:
For all scholarships

Ingredients :

2.5 kg of lamb thigh
– Bouquet of thyme
– A handful of rosemary
-olive oil
– 3 garlic cloves
-1 teaspoon cumin
– salt pepper

to prepare :

1. On a plate, arrange your food area of lamb thigh and generously pour olive oil. Using a knife, you can cut the meat.

2. In the salad bowl, you can add thyme leaves And Rosemary over the entire surface, then spray cumin. Add minced garlic. Then we put olive oil to make marinade.

3. Using a a brushRub the meat with this mixture. All ingredients should go through the leg of lamb. booking through 1 hour at room temperature.

4- It’s time to cook the lamb leg in the oven. Bake a piece of meat for 2 hours at a temperature 150 degrees Celsius.

5. Then warm the meat on the oven fire with the sauce. Bake the recipe for last 1 hour 30 At a low temperature of 100°C this time.

Tips: When cooking a piece of meat, make sure the thyme and rosemary permeate the meat well, concentrating on infusionThis is what gives it all its flavour. Find the right accompaniment and have fun!

What accompanies the leg of lamb?

Serve these aromatic potatoes to accompany the lamb shank, a real boost of happiness. credit: pixabay

mark Easter Holidayaccompany the leg of lamb with flageolets or bean dry. You can also return to tradition Auvergne With french fries or even mashed. The seasonal vegetables will add a touch of fibers Based on freshness, to balance the richness of the meat. In the fall, fried feet chestnut hot with a spoon of honey and a bit of Thyme. For a royal meal, get ready An apple dolphins With butter and homemade red wine sauce.

Save the dressing to make a sauce to support your companions. the side drinkconsider a dry red wine Like Languedocto support the meal. The boylac They also serve you good wine and food pairings.

If veal liver and side of beef are usually great, this leg of lamb will tempt you thanks to cooking you’ll learn to master to perfection. Bon appetite !

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