How to make a perfect prime rib

I’ve been making prime rib one way for 21 years.

I made this high-heat prime rib recipe back on Christmas Eve with five pounds of boneless roasted prime rib. This works well with or without the rib bones. The idea is that the high heat burns the outside of the meat and the inside cooks slowly with the remaining heat from the top over the next few hours.

I cooked it for 30 minutes, turned off the oven and left it for an hour and a half. This is when you need the oven to cook something else. I could have left it in another 30 minutes.

It was medium to medium perfect, rare in the middle and medium well at the ends.

This recipe is from “The Best American Recipes 2000” by Fran McCullough and Suzanne Hamlin. They’ve rediscovered the long-lost recipe for High Temperature Roast Beef Ribs.

The recipe first appeared more than 20 years ago in an article Craig Claiborne in the New York Times about food professional Anne Serran.

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