How to make a summer menu without meat?

In recent years, many people have wanted to reduce their consumption of meat products. Whether it’s for health, environmental or ethical reasons, we can’t help but encourage you in the process by offering you meat-free alternatives. You will also notice that most of the recipes, which are mainly based on vegetables and legumes, will also cost you less. And it’s also good news for your wallet and vacation budget!

Your summer meat-free menu

What’s better than hummus to start a meal? The recipe is easy to prepare, plus it’s an unexpected source of protein. Already cooked chickpeas contain more than 8g of protein per 100g, which is not insignificant.
Also, since summer, we offer you an original chickpea with a seasonal product: pepper. Pre-roasted in the oven, it brings a slightly sweet and grilled flavor to the recipe. delight.

As a dish, we suggest you revisit the stuffed tomatoes in a vegetarian version. Instead of the traditional ground beef stuffing, they are stuffed with rice with onions and tomato puree. Fresh herbs and feta will complete the recipe last.
Also, be sure to choose an appropriate variety of tomatoes. If cherry tomatoes are perfect for an appetizer, and San Marzano is the queen of sauces, they are not suitable for this recipe. On the contrary, beef heart, marmandi and verlain, meaty varieties were identified. Just be careful not to choose them too ripe, as they may release too much water and fall apart during cooking.

To finish the meal, there is no difficulty in sight because sirloin is rarely eaten as dessert! The only mistake to avoid is to avoid serving fruit, if the appetizer and main course already contain vegetables. It is better to spread your fiber intake over several meals rather than overdo it in just one meal. In the menu we offer, chickpeas contain pepper and the dish contains tomatoes. The share of fruits and vegetables is largely reached, and we offer you a recipe for milk chocolate ice cream. Perfect for ending a meal fresh and gourmet.

Finally, a raspberry and hibiscus drink will not be much to accompany you throughout the meal. Don’t forget to add ice cubes before serving, for an immediate feeling of freshness.

Without further ado, check out our seasonal meat-free menu.

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