How to make homemade duck confit and ghee

Take your pantry to the next level. Complement your daily stocking staples of dried pasta, beans, and canned tomatoes, to name a few, with some of the delicious foods you make and put away.

For example, make your own broth and gravy and freeze portions of it to use in a large number of stews and soups. Sure, it’s easy to have some chicken broth in your Tetra Pak, but it’s also better to have a little chicken broth tucked away in the back of your freezer that you made from scratch.

Today’s recipes are basically two kinds of next-level pantry in my kitchen: duck legs that have been roasted in their own fat (called “confit” by the French, meaning “preserved”) and clarified butter, a special portion of which is called “ghee.”

Duck confit is especially delicious in winter. Added to soups (or actually to a great cold-weather pork-and-bean stew called a cassoulet), its flavors are close to animalistic: wonderful lip glossy fat; crisp skin like french fries; The meat has a deep flavour.

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