How to replace mustard in your recipes: a tip from a celebrity chef from Puy de Dome

How do chefs deal with a mustard deficiency? Philosophy and creativity! “When we lose a product, we always find the solutions,” smiles Rudolph Regnold, head chef at L’Auberge du Pont, in Pont-du-Château. On a daily basis, he admits to using mustard in moderation at the moment: “We use very little or very little. It is used mainly in mayonnaise. When cooking mussels, for example, we like to make a little mayonnaise with a little cooking juice. But you should know that in The base, in mayonnaise, there is no mustard.If you add it, it is a reconstitution.No more than the mustard in the original recipe for vinegar!

Rudolf Regnold, Distinguished Chef.

“Vinegar with mustard, as well as oil and vinegar, is called a French dressing. Mustard, a French passion … So what do you do when you are short on it? Well, we adapt and innovate!

dispense with mustard, this can be an opportunity for innovation

Rudolf Regnold (Chef of the Auberge du Pont Restaurant)

Rodolphe Regnauld offers us two interesting options for replacing mustard. Horseradish First: The roots of this plant are a condiment with a strong peppery flavour. You can grate a small amount and add it to mayonnaise or vinegar. You can also choose horseradish that is sold in a jar, and made into the sauce.

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Another possibility, more exotic and colorful: wasabi! “It’s Japanese mustard,” the chef explains. It is green in color and is used in the form of a powder (diluted with water) or in a paste. We find that spicy side we love in mustard. “Green mayonnaise? And why not, suggests the chef, because “dispensing with mustard can be an opportunity for innovation.” So let’s not deprive ourselves of it. Do you like to eat fried steak with strong mustard?

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Try the chimichurri sauce! “It’s an Argentinian sauce prepared with oil, chili peppers, shallots, onions, parsley… It can be used as a salt or as a side dish.” Well, we note. And if we have a craving to cook that classic French cuisine that is rabbit with mustard? “I advise you to cook rabbit cider. The chef says it is very good too. And then, as with seasonal produce, you need to know how to wait. The mustard will be back!”

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