In Abbeville, Chez François is a successful restaurant

When you ask advice about restaurants in Abbeville to the venue organizers, Chez François is always mentioned. The former chef of a famous establishment in the city for 36 years, François Hedwin decided to stand on his own two years ago: he moved to the Place du Pilori, a strategic location.

Very popular room for 28 seats

It opened in the midst of a pandemic in September 2020 and yet the customers there were loyal: “During booking, I was selling dozens of takeaways a day”He remembers. Today, he serves between 80 and 100 meals a day in his establishment with an industrial, elegant and simple decoration. Clients come from Abbeville but also from Amiens, Blangy-sur-Bresle or Le Tréport. Some eat there several times a week, vacationers also know the address, and everyone can enjoy the nice terrace on sunny days.

To meet the demand of its clients, a room is equipped on the upper floor and can accommodate up to 28 people for meetings or seminars. Contains Wi-Fi, Overhead Projector and Screen: It is in high demand, whether by local businesses or banks, and medical professionalsAnd the does he point. Everyone appreciates being at peace, while eating well. »

François Hedouin, a chef passionate about his profession.

François Hedouin’s recipe is simple, it relies on traditional cuisine made according to arrivals and prices, in order to offer menus at very reasonable prices. It costs €21 on weekdays for a full menu or €17.60 for starter/main course or main course/dessert. The menu at 33 euros is also on the menu. With the increase in raw materials and capacities, a slight increase (from €22.50 for the list price of €21) should be applied in the coming weeks.

Get the best prices without compromising on quality

“Every day, I fight with my suppliers to get the best price, but not at the expense of quality. It’s about how much I can make the difference and the chances. For example, I decided not to serve foie gras anymore, it became too expensive”explains the person who stands in front of his stove every day at 3 am.

The restaurateur gets his fruit and vegetables from François Gallet, a producer in Béhen, or from a wholesaler in Abbeville. Some fish or shellfish, such as scallops, are lowered from a Crotoy fisherman’s boat based in Treport. The meat is 100% French.

The restaurant opened in September 2020.

For me, touching food, cooking is a pleasureHis boss continues, supported by four employees and two interns. I like to research, innovate and update the dishes of the past, such as putting less fat in Veal Blanket. I find new recipes very quickly: salmon tartare with yuzu granita, for example, or crispy langoustine with bacon with mashed eggplant and peppery cream. I love traditional cuisine, working with different products, customers in particular can taste beef or tongue, veal head, veal kidney, guinea fowl. »

The chef loves to post pictures of his kitchens.

To the delight of gourmets, François Hedwin posted his menus on Facebook. He also does not hesitate to publish photos that were taken in his kitchen at dawn. What makes you want to push the door of your restaurant…

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