In Champigny-sur-Marne, Thierry Marx’s infallible recipe for catering training

A festive atmosphere on Monday evening in the former dining hall of Lucie Aubrac College in Champigny-sur-Marne, which has hosted one of the kitchen branches mode d’Emploi(S) for four years. In front of the buffet prepared under the leadership of Chef Frederic Michaud, he meets classmates. This is because since the launch of the first school in the 20th arrondissement in Paris in 2012, the initiative has taken off. For Thierry Marx, who struggled with school failure and turned into general mechanics when he was already dreaming of cooking, giving a chance to people who did not find their career path made perfect sense, and that with Frédérique Calandra, Mayor of PS. Twentieth Circle, that the project has begun. Principle: 11-week accelerated training for a state-recognised diploma, equivalent to CAP in Cooking. There is no prerequisite for merging but a requirement to stay: Never miss a call.

Ten years later, no less than 4,000 apprentices were trained in various centers and set off. Fatou Camara, a resident of Fontenay-sous-Bois, converted during the health crisis. “I started working in the volunteer sector but cooking was always present in my life. During the health crisis, I participated in cooking workshops and solidarity giveaways and this made me want to train myself in gestures and techniques to professionalize myself”. Since then, this mother of five has specialized in catering.

Tuan Van Chee started his most important promotion from scratch when he joined the school in 2018, and now he runs the kitchen of the Parisian Architecture Agency. I make documentaries and I was in a period of unemployment. I was invited to visit this school and as soon as I saw the kitchen, I clicked. I worked a lot during these two months to learn all about French gastronomy. It was intense but I hold a great memory.”trust.

Maimouna Kanti, did the fashion show before training. “I wanted to do this training because I wanted to combine cooking with tea and serving pairings. I created my own brand of tea and beans from Africa called Kanthé”He now explains at the helm of his company.

Many former interns were far from suspicious that they would make a living in restaurant kitchens, like Lucas Baskett, who graduated three years earlier, and who wanted to reorient himself after a course in mechanical engineering. “After an internship in a gourmet restaurant, I wanted to specialize in French gastronomy and started working at the Plaza Athénée.”

4,000 apprentices were trained in France, including 200 at Champigny

In Champigny-sur-Marne, the school has already trained 200 apprentices in four years. “We sympathetically welcome these people with sometimes complex backgrounds and instill in them rigor and professionalism.”Campinois school principal, insists Alexandra Giroud, who remembers that here, in the old college canteens, Thierry Marks had lunch as a teenager. Today, the department has reconstructed another college and made equipment available to local initiatives.

More than 300,000 vacancies in the restaurant industry

In total, nearly 4,000 trainees have been trained over the past ten years, in Paris, Champagne-sur-Marne, Clichy-sous-Bois, Greigny, Besançon, Nice, Dijon, Toulouse, Marc-en-Baruel, Toulouse. Cuisine mode d’emploi (S) also offers traveling courses in Limoges, Vichy and even La Bresse, and intends to further develop it. As per occupation figures, there are currently between 300,000 and 350,000 vacancies in the catering industry. We must make up for this deficiency with more training.”Explains Véronique Carrion, general manager of the association. More schools will open soon in Moe and Saint Quentin-en-Evelyn. Professional restaurants have also opened in Boulogne and on the Job Campus in Nice, and a third project is underway in Gagny.

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