In La Bassée (and elsewhere), there is no miracle recipe against class lockdown

On January 8, the National Education Services announced the closure of public schools in Weppes. At La Bassée, Charlemagne as well as Notre Dame lost a class at the beginning of the school year.

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During the last city council, the opposition raised a question about closing classes at the start of the school year in September. ” Children under three and ULIS (Units for Comprehensive Education) do not countSchool counselor Magali Delepierre replied. At Charlemagne, this makes 160 students spread over 8 classes; It’s under 23, so it’s closing. »

She noted that all Weppes were affected by the same phenomenon (Illies, Sainghin, Beaucamps, Hallennes, Ennetières and Loos also lost a class at the beginning of the school year). ” The Confederation of African Football (CAF) says the sector is aging. There are also parents who prefer to send their children to school near their workplace. The mayor added: “There is no flight to the private sector, because Notre Dame School (465 students last September) missed a class at the beginning of the school year.

Notre Dame School

To keep the numbers in the seasons, you have to build, Frédéric Cauderlier recalls. ” A city maintains the same population if the number of dwellings increases by 5-10%. There were not enough constructions in previous years. »Building to deal with living apart (couples breaking up, seniors staying home longer, etc.), societal change that requires a lot of housing, not even a guarantee for schools: As property prices increase in Weppes, families buy later, When children grow up.

40 housing units instead of MAC cartons

The mayor announced the construction of dozens of homes on rue du Collège, and a 40-unit project to replace Mac Carton’s hunting supermarket, whose founder Gerard Carton died in February. The Town Hall will also launch consultations on the possible unification of the three public schools in La Bassée in the same location.

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