In Paris, Fauve’s good recipes explore the link between beer and cooking

In Paris, Les Cuves de Fauve has, since its inception two years ago, a restaurant in its own right. A way to discover new flavors in every activity.

This summer, the Parisian beer bar Les Cuves de Fauve is still open. Launched in June 2019, this venue is the flagship of the Fauve Craft Bière, with a bar (16 beers on tap, half of which are brewed on site), a microbrewery (500 hectoliters per year) and a restaurant. The beer production activity was boosted by the opening of a brewery with an annual production capacity of 2500 hectoliters in Mauguio (Hérault), near Montpellier, in March 2021. The link between beer and food was highlighted by the activity of Parisian restaurants (4 people in a kitchen), Designed as a real facility – not as a simple beverage supplement.

“We process all our fresh produce on site. We didn’t want to make plates, but wanted a catering activity with plates to share and plate splits”co-founder Antoine Rubik explains. Currently on the menu, in small plates: roasted cauliflower, roasted Camembert in India Pale Ale (IPA) beer syrup, braised pork (pickled shallots, mustard seeds, and jalapeno pickles on the side), or crispy prawns. In the dishes: Serve beef stew with IPA, beef rice (with IPA syrup and Szechuan pepper), or a ripe cheddar burger. Creme brulee with stout is served especially for dessert.

Pickles (vegetables fermented with milk, slightly acidic) are cooked with beer the sour way to bring out the acid side. On weekends a brunch combination is served at €26, with a sweet dish, a savory dish and a hot drink (Brûlerie de Belleville, at 19The tenth Rounding off coffee and tea party at 11The tenth Live and cold drink (fuff or light beer). Classic brunch dishes arranged (avocado toast, eggs Benedict, etc.) Bring halawa and tonka beans for the pastry side.

Beers to discover at the beginning of summer

Link also ready to discover beer on tap at the beginning of summer*. Thus, Funny bird is a 5.5% Berliner (sour beer) that takes advantage of lactic fermentation (allowing the acidification of the necessary substance, which is an intermediate liquid in the production of beer). A way to bring out the very refreshing side of beer. The recipe gives a result that, when tasted, is very soft, close to the feel of peach skin. Apricot syrup is included in the composition.

Also to discover, desire, dream, see (6.4%), New England IPA in dry double hopping. This beer features Vista, an experimental variety of hops from supplier Yakima Chief Hops, with a melon and pear aroma. The Fauve team was briefed on this novelty. The cans will be sent to Yakima Chief Hops (which advertises a citrus, flower, and herbal flavor profile) so you can analyze the result.

Blueberry YumYum (7.5%), for its part, is a beer resulting from a collaboration with Dutch brewery Frontaal. An IPA (with lactose) milkshake with blueberries, which comes after the team visited the Mauguio premises to make an imperial sour pie with berries and vanilla. Outside of Fauve production, the brewery launched ZooBrew (Hérault), Can You Taste Your Ideas Too?, a pineapple-coconut acid rating of 3.9%. Slightly bitter, it benefits from the slightly milky side of Bulgarian yogurt, mixed with fruit. “This is an important style of beer for us because it allows our customers to discover new flavours”Antoine Rubik explains.

*Map as of June 23
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