In Spain, the popular press is no longer a recipe

Until early 2010, they were among the most popular magazines on Spanish newsstands. devouring every week prontoWelcome! where Diez MinotosAnd the The Spaniards wanted to hear about the latest rumors of their favorite celebrities. but today “Tabloid magazines fight for their survival”, Daily county reports El Mundo.

As with all paper newspapers and magazines, the numbers ‘at its lowest level’ For these major newspapers in the tabloids in Spain. for example, pronto 500,000 copies were withdrawn in 2021, compared to about 1 million copies in 2011, according to figures from the body that measures the circulation of the Spanish press, OJD, quoted by the Madrid newspaper.

“TV’s fault, they’ll say, Who swallowed them?” asks himself El Mundo. Well, no, because there are also people programs “And they do not benefit from favorable winds.” A few weeks ago, the private group Mediaset announced the end of the show Viva La VidaAnd the One of the poles of the Telecinco . seriesAnd the It airs every weekend for the past five years, while being very popular and casual salfameAnd the On the air for thirteen years, he suffers a decline in audiences, even if he stays “A solid base of followers”, confirmed El Mundo. The same note on the public broadcast where TVE announced the end of the show Corazonbefore backtracking.

Brilliant influencers

“The news and people’s records had a good time, especially on channels like Telecinco”, Enrique Guerrero, Doctor of Audiovisual Communication, analyzed in columnsEl Mundo. But the character “infringement” From certain emissions, sometimes beyond the limits, ended up creating “Wears” Among the viewers, the expert follows.

“After that time, this question will be closed? On social media of course.” continuous El Mundo. The public, especially the 16-24 year olds, mainly turn to Instagram or TikTok to follow the news of movie stars, singers, royals or the internet now. Because the celebrities have changed, but the audience has changed too. Newspaper beats.

“The ladies who bought glossy magazines wanted to see celebrities at weddings, red carpets, etc. But now they don’t know the influencers that appear on the covers. And young people […] Don’t read paper magazines, Luis Fernando Romo, a journalist specializing in the field concludes and gives an interview El Mundo.

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