In the Kitchen with Glenn Fell: The Recipe That Fits Us With Salad!

Posted on September 22, 2022 at 6:15 pm

Concentrated with the best produce from his vegetable garden, three-star chef Glenn Feil’s salad dressing reinvents the genre as he thrives, with easy-to-breed technique that will wow your guests. Follow the recipe step by step, video.

It is located at the foot of one of the most beautiful villages in France where magic works. At the head of the kitchens of Oustau de Baumanière, the eponymous hotel property restaurant located in the Baux de Provence, Chef Glenn Viel has been working since 2015, under the philanthropic eye of its owner Jean-André Charial, to immerse his visitors in an elevated gastronomic experience. And for good reason, at Relais & Châteaux, the person who now holds the three stars of this famous title likes to elevate the dishes in their most authentic version while showing a flowing imagination. Named ‘Chef of the Year’ by colleagues in September 2020, a Breton who pushes the boundaries of local cuisine, combining requisite culinary knowledge with the imperatives of sustainable development. Making its own butter from milk from the nearest farm, a unique system of seasoning by concentration, dried tomatoes on the restaurant terraces and of course a botanical garden where raw ingredients are grown: Glenn Viel makes eco-responsible innovation a culinary technique in itself to the point of earning an accolade” Sustainable Gastronomy” awarded by the Michelin Guide.

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Melted salad cooked under pressure

So it’s no surprise that the Chef brings us this season’s recipe, halfway between a carefree summer and the need to make up for various culinary excesses. in the program ? A heart of lettuce garnished with sun-kissed tomatoes and creamy arugula salad, the peculiarity of which lies in the delicate cooking of the salad. “It actually doesn’t have any cooking at all,” he says, “but it makes you believe in its existence.” Chef’s secret? Vacuum pressure, after wrapping the lettuce with plastic wrap and cooling time of 24 hours in the refrigerator. consequences ? A mixed, melt-in salad that will have the gift of prolonging a few moments of long holiday lunches.

Heart of pressure-cooked lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and creamy arugula

for two

for candied tomatoes
Tomatoes (depending on desired salad size)
olive oil
salt pepper

To prepare candied lemon
Lemon (depending on the desired size of the salad)
1.5 liters of water
250 grams of salt
400 grams of sugar

to flip lettuce
10 petals tomato confit
¼ candied lemon
1 fennel
10 basil leaves
2 cll of Castillas olive oil
salt pepper

To prepare the watercress cream
200 grams of arugula
100 grams of lettuce leaves
50g tetragon
50g green chili candied
50 gm grandmother’s apple
15 cl olive oil
3 grams of salt
3 cl of lemon juice


candied tomatoes
Peel the tomatoes, cut them in half and seed them.
Season (salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil) and then arrange the tomatoes on the rack of the dryer, add a slice of garlic. The dryer should be installed in a clear place at at least 40°C under glass, with a light breeze if possible (the sweetening time for tomatoes is random and depends mainly on the weather). Count each breath 10 hours.
Once the tomatoes are sweetened, they should be kept in olive oil.

candied lemon
Wash and peel the lemon, boil it three times (cold start).
In a saucepan, make the syrup: boil the water, salt and sugar. Arrange the lemons in jars and pour the cold syrup. Keep the jars for 3 months before eating them.

Wash the whole lettuce, drain well and remove the large leaves (keep the large leaves with the arugula cream).
Gently arrange the leaves, then place the tomatoes, finely chopped fennel, and lemon in thick julienne slices, and basil leaves in between. Add oil, salt and pepper and close the lettuce. Cover the lettuce tightly and then seal it in a shrink bag. Reservation in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

To prepare the watercress cream
Mix all the ingredients in the robot, until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture.


In the center of the dish, arrange the creamy watercress.
Season the lettuce with salt, pepper and olive oil and place it in the center of the cream.
To finish, arrange small croutons and a head of dwarf basil.

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