In Vallauris, and soon in Montauroux, the Biscuiterie White Mark became famous!

The idea

Eric Ebbo has been the Director of the Ebbo Food Consultant in Vallauris since 2013. There he sells, to industrialists and artisans, machines primarily intended for the biscuit world. Over the years, his clients have led him to set up a production unit, and Biscuiterie Riviera was born in 2019 to become White Mark in 2021. “My grandfather worked in the confectionery industry, and my father owned a biscuit factory, it is an environment where I cut my teeth”Eric Ebow smiles.

the service

The Biscuiterie White Mark, whose production unit has been in Vallauris for a few months, will surely make its mark in Montauroux (Var) on an area of ​​500 square metres. Eric Ebbo sells under a white label – in the name of each client company – and makes biscuits with the desired taste and shape (pavlova, heart, mustache, stuffed, two-tone or checkerboard, etc.), engraved, using a machine patented in Poland, and is its sole distributor in France. It works as a 3D printer, and it creates anything you want to draw with a 5mm marker. “For made-to-measure products, we’re certified organic and our recipes hold up to baking, so the biscuits stay perfectly shaped.”

capital gains

The strength of Biscuiterie White Mark undoubtedly lies in its ability to address customers who do not wish to invest, in equipment or personnel, to create this product, in such quantities. “We are taking orders from 100kg. This is an unused area. This allows the customer to test the market and stay focused on their business.” Large groups use Biscuiterie White Mark as a research and development center: “It saves them having to shut down their lines to get 16 or 20 pallets out of a product they want to test.”


Three shareholders of the Biscuiterie White Mark: Eric Ebbo, his son Matthieu and Stéphanie Simonet. They are four employees at the moment, and they plan to hire five or six people within a year, “To accommodate our future growth.” €500,000 has been invested in White Mark with the support of BPMN, in particular for the installation in Montoro. The turnover in 2022 is estimated at 480,000 euros, 1.7 million euros targeted for 2024.

the challenge

“We must constantly innovate and demonstrate the added value we provide.” The president explains: “Even if we are not competing with anyone, because we produce for our customers [épiceries fines, banques, crèches, etc., Ndlr]And You have to follow the market.” Biscuits filled with rustic jam, sweets with CBD, cereal or protein chocolate bars for athletes, ideas merge.


“You make, you produce, you sell” is Whitemark’s motto. It is Eric Ibo who designs the recipes, the ones he offers to his customers based on size, just like those of the 17 batches of sweet and savory biscuits he sells by the box (from 10 packs of 15 packs of 150 grams each), with specific shapes and tastes. White Mark goes into chocolate especially for the big names that order protein bars. The goal is to solidify and develop the concept in northern France, by setting up a production unit there. “To work in a short circuit, absorb local flavors and customs”. The White Mark also has international sights. Spain? Eric Ibo has traveled a lot, he has already proven that his recipes suit all tastes!


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