Instagram: These 6 accounts offer the best healthy recipes!

Want to treat yourself without too many calories? You can find very good healthy accounts on Instagram: here are six of them!

Be warned, winter is coming with its load of fondue, raclette and other pies! But if you want to eat healthy food, MCETV has it for you Six Instagram accounts to follow to make you happy ! Guaranteed top in terms of taste, luxury and calories!

Top 6 healthy Instagram accounts

Juan Arblaz: A solid base

Let’s start with One of the most popular chefs on the web. Former Laurie Thielman owns several restaurants, and Featured Season 3 of Top Chef. Among his simple, and above all healthy recipes, we can consider his banana bread.

Coconut milk, not a lot of sugar, dark chocolate (least fatty) and pecans, among others: we have something to treat with taste. But without guilt! We also recommend you to try this healthy chocolate cake recipe.

Diego Alari: Tiktok host

Excellent chef, also known during Passing it in Top Chef seasonDiego Alari has succeeded in perpetuating the fun (and cooking) on ​​the networks. tiktok star He also shares his recipes on Instagram.

Among those tested and approved by the editorial board, we found cauliflower au gratin. No need for meat, just a well-roasted cauliflowerOn which we put a little cheddar, broccoli cream, spices and a lot of greed: a delight!

Instagram MaryLaforet

For vegetarians (and even for others), there are great ideas that can be drawn from this account. Delicious and healthy recipes, very original And it’s easy to do: So many promises that these nearly 90K Instas have been able to keep.

Note the vegetarian meatballs made with mushrooms and leeks. With delicious sauce and spices, you can find something to pamper yourself. Instagram helps cook food simple and inexpensiveAnd great flavors!

Justin’s soup

The editor wasn’t necessarily convinced by @justunfrenchie pun, he wanted to try some dishes from this 119k Instagram account. And it was worth it. Because With or without meat, the chef knows how to serve up affordable recipes that make you want to cook.

In the middle of winter, we’ll think “creamy pumpkin and tomato soup.” We only salivate by the title…so when we add onions, garlic, olives, and coconut milk, we’re enjoying it. Very hot and comforting soup.

Ashley: Instagram in English?

For those who have already done their Instas French cooking tours (what a talent!), we also recommend thegatherandfeast. Original recipes that allow you to open your mind a little. Or try other things.

Among our favourites, Note the eggs cooked with smoked tomatoes. This recipe may be suitable for some vegetarians. Which, together with paprika, and Parmesan cheese, gives a real pleasure!

Nikki Webster: 288,000 indulgences

The last Insta account of this top, is probably one of the easiest to follow. Nikki Webster already has it Its reputation has been based on Earth ProductsSimple and often inexpensive. Since then, she has released four books.

While some limit themselves to cooking pasta, they do Makes simplicity its trademark. As evidenced by the delicious lentil mushroom soup!

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