Italian Mussels and Linguini with Mussels and Zucchini by Alfonso Lacarino

Wine: Cantina Mesa – Junko 2021

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Price: 12.90 €

Vines with their legs in the sand in Sardinia. This is where the dream of Gavino Sanna, a world-renowned Italian publicist and Sardinian by birth, now owner of the Cantina Mesa Winery, comes true. He wanted to return to Sardinia to do something unusual there, as he was born from the land and from his native land. Today, 78 hectares of vineyards thrive in the Sant’Anna Arresi region, between radiant skies and blue seas, kings and flamingos. A haven of tranquility where Gavino Sana knew how to make his mark, especially with the design of the vaults, a building in a simple style and pure white, planted in the middle of the sacks. For the owner, the charm of the place must be found in the wine, and in this refreshing, refreshing restaurant, born in the Sulcis region, in the far southwest of Sardinia, which will undoubtedly go along with this linguine with oysters, a liveliness contrasted with pasta and oysters, always on the same salty register And salty.

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The Recipe: Linguine with Mussels and Zucchini by Alfonso Lacarino

A typical Neapolitan dish, suggested by Chef Alfonso Lacarino born in Sant’Agata Soi because of Golfi, one hour from the capital of Campania and 400 meters above the sea of ​​the Sorrentine peninsula. It is here that Alfonso and his wife Livia created what would become one of the world’s greatest luxury restaurants, Don Alfonso 1980, winner of two Michelin stars. Today, the couple runs the restaurant with their two sons, Ernesto in the kitchen and Mario in the dining room. In the kitchen, they give prominence to products from the restaurant’s farm, where they make their own olive oil and grow fruits and vegetables that will decorate the dishes. Creative and instinctive cuisine, like this linguine with clams and zucchini, which you can try at home, to bring a bit of sunshine and Italy to your plate.

Find here the ingredients to have in your bag and the complete recipe for Linguine with Clams and Zucchini by Alfonso Lacarino (subscribers reserved)

For sweetening, to finish your drink: classic tiramisu coffee

Classic tiramisu coffeeTiramisu to complete the journey of these Italian agapes and give the answer to the vermentino, whose acidity will contrast nicely with the sweetness of the dessert.

Find the recipe here for free access on Madame Figaro

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