It’s not too late yet! Give the gift of home cooking with Blue Apron

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WL! Something different for dinner: Blue Apron makes a great gift. (Photo: Blue Apron)

It happens every year. You’re overwhelmed with shopping, so you’re saving beloved gift recipients to last; While searching for that great cute gift, time finally ran out and you have to settle for something. Well, we’re here to save you, with a gift that will delight just about anyone – and you can order it until the last minute.

What is this mysterious gift? Blue Apron: An easy and innovative meal gift. For anyone who appreciates a break from meal planning and food shopping – and a bit of a hand in the kitchen, the Blue Apron is perfect.

Getting stress-free gifts with Blue Apron is super easy: just click here, choose the gift you want – $65 gets one week’s delivery for two, $130 gets two weekly shipments for two, and so on – and type in the email address of the private recipient your.

Accessible, playful, Blue Apron’s step-by-step experience – and delicious results – can give exhausted home cooks a well-earned break – or turn a kitchen novice into a self-confident meal-maker. And you know what? You deserve this too. We all do. Try it for yourself and make cooking fun again.

Blue Apron brings the joy back to cooking.  (Image: Getty)

Blue Apron brings the joy back to cooking. (Image: Getty)

The Blue Apron promise is just what we need right now, as we head into winter. Let’s face it, most of us have had enough of our tired recipes, over the past two (very hard) years. Blue Apron brings a little excitement to the kitchen, while at the same time removing the hassle of monotonous shopping.

As you probably know, Blue Apron offers fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes. The instructions come on large, easy-to-follow recipe cards designed to make preparing a great meal together as easy as 1-2-3.

Each group provides every spot of the ingredients in just the right portions – right down to a pinch of saffron, a pinch of rice vinegar, a lump of butter, or a sprinkling of cumin; The only things your recipient will need are salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Blue Apron makes it easy to prepare a delicious, protein-packed meal in no time.  (Photo: Blue Apron)

Blue Apron makes it easy to prepare a delicious, protein-packed meal in no time. (Photo: Blue Apron)

Experienced chefs enjoy ease and creativity. And people who are just curious about cooking find Blue Apron a friendly medium. The service knows just how to talk to beginners and gradually transform them into happy and confident chefs.

So in terms of gifts, Blue Apron works with just about anyone. Click here to choose and send your gift. Whether the recipient makes Blue Apron Roasted Peanut Chicken with Garlicky Green Beans, Tacos with Black Bean and Caramelized Onion or the umami-rich Mushroom Mazemen, there are no Rand ingredients or to store and forget (and discover them in the back of the can) fridge months later, the condition full scientific experiment).

This is the beauty of Blue Apron. For people who work hard and desperately need a break, or for beginners in the kitchen who can benefit from a simplified version of the cooking process, there is no better gift out there. And imagine the applications. A fun bonding experience for roommates. Romantic dinner for two (why yes, Blue Apron serves wine). A healthy and delicious family dinner comes together with grace, ease, and a pain point.

Blue Apron provides a taste of the warmth and camaraderie that comes naturally with home cooking, but without the fuss, headache, or last-minute run to the store for a forgotten ingredient. We all need a break now (including!), and this is a great way to crush the daily stress of meal planning and preparation.

Cozy winter days are designed for Blue Apron.  (Photo: Blue Apron)

Cozy winter days are designed for Blue Apron. (Photo: Blue Apron)

What’s so great about this present is that once people get a taste of Blue Apron, they’ll regain their culinary groove (or, for starters, gain more confidence). Blue Apron is a way to get into the mindset of a great, happy home cook – a path to owning what’s in the fridge, improvising, and discovering that eating a healthy, delicious dinner can be a lot of fun. It was a tough time, and many of us have forgotten about it. Help someone remember.

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