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What if your coffee not only wakes you up, but also burns calories? Kill two birds with one stone by modifying your morning coffee recipe. Professional is the slimming drink he is talking about at the moment especially on social networks with before and after illustrations. What’s the point of replacing your classic coffee with proffee, this caffeinated protein drink? How do you make it at home? Everything you need to know about this set of cool effects is in this article.

First of all, where does Proffee come from?

As mentioned earlier, this is a drink that you can have daily. In short, it’s your espresso refreshed with ice cubes and protein powder. You will understand: the main ingredients are coffee and protein. Hence its name Proffee (“Pro” for protein and “-ffee” for coffee). If proteins are used mainly by athletes in order to improve their performance and muscle mass, then there are protein powders that are very effective in the context of a slimming diet. Mixing it with coffee makes it possible to prepare a protein slimming drink. With a healthy and balanced diet, and regular physical activities, results will appear quickly.

The perfect drink 3 in 1.

Thanks to these two main components, proffee is endowed with many virtues. Here are the benefits most mentioned at the moment.


The professional is drunk cold, and its freshness is especially appreciated from the moment the temperature rises. Put aside sodas, sodas, and cocktails that don’t necessarily help you achieve your goal of losing a few pounds. replace it with Drink with protein Refreshing which seems to be just good. You can drink it as soon as you wake up looking good and during the day to boost your energy.

source of daily energy.

This coffee drink is a natural stimulant. The protein coffee Improves muscle contractions to effectively combat fatigue. After sports, its high protein content promotes recovery and a feeling of satiety. High caffeine intake acts on the central nervous system and improves the ability to focus and alertness. Do you have a busy day? You know drinking is to stay active.

An appetite suppressant and a slimming drink.

Its fat burning effect seems to be the origin that makes it so popular on social networks. In fact, proffee contains proteins that are considered appetite suppressants. This is also why the body takes time to digest them. In the meantime, its positive effects on muscle mass growth have already been proven many times over.

On the other hand, if you want to accelerate weight loss and get results quickly, it is best to consume Sugar free protein drink. Milk, cream, and sugar can counteract the effects of caffeine and protein.

How do you make Profi at home?

Preparing this drink with protein is not very difficult, there is no need to buy it every day. You can design it and store it in bulk to save money and consume your slimming drink as you wish.


There are only a few ingredients included in protein drink recipe. You just need:

  • protein powder
  • Water
  • coffee
  • ice Cube

Milk, cream, or syrup are optional ingredients that you can add to a custom recipe.

How to prepare:

Start making your coffee the way you want it. Similar to making a protein shake, add water little by little to the protein powder in a bowl. Then add the first preparation to get one drink only. In a glass, pour your preparation and stir into ice cubes, mix well and enjoy. You can use a blender to prepare you. You will just have to put all your ingredients in your blender and everything will be blended in fractions of seconds.

How much do you consume daily?

This slimming drink can be taken before and after sports sessions. The European Food Health Agency, in particular, recommends not to exceed the recommended caffeine intake. That means 400 mg per day, which is the equivalent of 3 double espresso cups. As a reminder, drinking too much coffee a day can lead to sleep disturbances and intestinal problems. Moderation is always necessary to reap the benefits intended in all foods.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In any case, the information provided cannot replace the advice of a health professional.

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