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The 2022 edition of the Coup de coeur francophone festival, which opens this evening with concerts by Salome Leclerc and Richard Seguin, will rock downtown on Saturday with a concrete trio poster at Club Soda: veteran rockers of Groovy Aardvark and BARF, as well as (more) young Karruti , who will seize the opportunity to release their third professional album, gluten gluten. We talk about it with its leader, Midi Langlois, composer, guitarist and farmer, who cultivates the connections between punk and traditional music with the same care he does with the corn he grows in his ancestral lands in Nouvelle, in Portneuve County.

“It was a very good harvest, but difficult because of the weather, and it was a little special – spring was hard, we didn’t have June, heat and heavy rain – but other than that, the world was there, people are thirsty for fresh and good local produce,” he rejoices. Midi, a Langlois of the eleventh generation of farmers, is at the head of the Langlois Farm and Metals and the Economuseum. From a canning factory (homemade ketchup is popular!), after more than six months of working in the fields without taking any vacation, prepares for a complete concoction. Ceremony Bank Tra.

Punk and folklore, like thieves in the world of Karooti: “Between punk and trad, the cadences are pretty much the same. No need to play faster because in folklore it’s very fast and the energy is also there, explains Médé. Then, all that was missing was a little kick More to stir this up. In addition, in our songs, we often find our tunes sung from violin melodies. These melodies are engraved in our brains, because we already heard them as children – anyway, we listened to them at home. And we feel, after the pandemic, thirsty to hear that. They want to do that Ceremony. It’s a bit like that, Carrot: A Ceremony As at home, the musicians sitting in the corner, we play and have fun. It is about seeking out the world. »

third album

Midi and his bandmates have played little this summer, except for a few festivals, including An Evening with Groovy friends Aardvark, since legendary guitarist and vocalist Vincent Beck has produced Karruti’s three albums. The younger one is called gluten gluten It is brewed again with the same good ingredients, the same attributes – good food (Putin is goodAnd the Onion soupAnd the good luck to me), the drink (At night we go out), smoking (SQDC), in short, the pleasures of life! – With earthy lyrics sung by Eric Roberg.

This third album is just like the previous two albums. New melodies, same soul. Create from album to album? “No,” Mede answers emphatically. No, no, no, this is very important. Spotted, that’s it, like good old pasta sauce: when it’s good, you can’t change a thing, and if you don’t like the first two, you won’t like the third ”, which is important though in a featured image Guest in the person of Denis Cote, head of the accordion in Canadian eveninga televised rendezvous of traditional Quebec music formerly shown on Télé-Métropole.

Not only does Carotté pay homage to animator (from 1960 to 1983) Louis Bilodeau (on Louis Pelodo Blues), but the band reinterpreted his musical signature with Mr. Côté from the popular TV show, which became carrot evening. “We really like to do that, borrow bits of local songs that we listened to a lot, or are sometimes less well known, and change the lyrics — which has often happened in the past, the melodies moved, but from village to village the script was different.”

“Musical terrain is just as important as good eating,” adds Midi, an ardent advocate of local produce, who today decries the fact that agriculture in Quebec is hanging “by a thread” by oppressive economic conditions. “We realize today that agriculture has been left to itself for fifty years, but we don’t hear about it. People live from day to day and don’t imagine that it might disappear tomorrow. If we stop cultivating our own, it will cost you a fortune one day to bring it here. That is the norm, farming We have forgotten that. We have to support those who feed us here.”

gluten gluten, by Carotté, will be sold November 4, on the Slam Records label. The band will have a concert on November 5, 8pm, at Club Soda, with the Groovy Aardvark Festival and BARF The Coup de coeur francophone Festival running until November 13.

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