Kindergarten and primary school students books cookbook

It is a great initiative from the head of the school canteen in Teillé, a small town of 1,700 inhabitants, in Loire-Atlantique. Marina Jolie has been cooking here for 17 years, and this year She asked parents and children to suggest their own recipes to include in the menus. She even made one recipe book So families get little souvenirs. Jacques Demy School and Saint-Pierre School participated in the project.

Children’s favorite recipes

On the menu in the canteen today: Chloe’s mother’s little fish. “The idea is to create a school canteen book, with children’s favorite recipes”, Marina explains. For me, it is really a pleasure to cook for them recipes that they love and are familiar with.”

This book contains 45 recipes. Among them are Lea sausage, Rogel, chicken tikka noi, or even 10-year-old vine cathes. “I suggested a recipe that I made myself, She proudly trusts. It’s a banana and raspberry dessert. Usually, I make it at home, and I’m happy to share my recipe with my friends.”

Discover and share new flavors

Kathas friends have the opportunity to taste dishes they are not familiar with. “I’ve never had mussels and french fries before, Says Gaétan, in the CM1 . class. But I was able to taste it and love it, even though I wouldn’t have had it every day.”

A way to diversify menus and discover new flavours. Violet, 6, now prefers the meals prepared in the canteen to those cooked by her father, Florent. Also a leader in extracurricular activity, he sees the benefits of Marina’s idea every day. In the canteen, they are thrilled to see that this is their recipe on today’s menu, Smile. Plus, they can see if other kids like it too. It’s a wonderful project.”

Children eat local produce, especially home-made products

Parents also participated in the development of the recipe book. “This shows that children eat homemade products and that the menus are diverse, explains Angelique, who has two children who go to school in Tilly. Here, there’s an organic vegan…and then, everyone leaves with their little book. It reminds them of their elementary school years in the canteen! “

This week, parents of Jacques Demi and Saint-Pierre School were able to purchase this little book. It costs ten euros and the profits will be donated to the canteen of the Teillé School to organize future activities.

Marina Jolie has another idea for next year: a list linked to a song. What do we set a musical atmosphere in the dining hall.

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