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This summer, the M2K community center once again saw a huge presence through its programs for youth and families. The success of the entire team, which adapted to provide entertainment, although often free.

Already very busy throughout the year, the M2K Social Center sees a larger crowd every summer for the various activities the team offers in July and August. This 2022 classic was no exception to the rule, and at the time of the evaluation, M2K Director Cindy Oka had considered it positive for the past two months. “We welcomed 130 different children, aged between 4 and 17, during the holidays”, notes the director, although the last activity was Friday, August 26. A large attendance testifies to the central place that the social center occupies in the daily life of families and young people In the new neighborhoods Cindy Oka was more comfortable with attendance figures because she thought “that after two years when travel was restricted, one would have thought families were no longer leaving to see relatives, but in the end, we always had during July and August a constant crowd.”

About forty families were present at the events

The community center has welcomed many children and families throughout the summer (© JHM).

In addition to the youth’s attendance at various activities, “and with the sudden drop in absenteeism, which is always disturbing,” another source of satisfaction at the time of assessment is the high participation of families in the work allotted to them. For the M2K manager, “We felt that the parents who came were enjoying playing games or going out with their kids.” In total, about forty families participated in at least one of these actions, and this result can only confirm the M2K team in the fact that the activities put in place are attractive. After this summer report, the community center is already thinking about the upcoming vacation but also next summer. The ambition is always to offer the widest range of activities possible, such as the resounding success of the original games set with Foyers Rurales de Haute-Marne. In the reflection program, the means that must be deployed to effectively fight the heat. In fact, over the summer, M2K teams tweaked their logo by adapting schedules as well as venues for activities. This is with the goal always being to keep the animation and that this is not a sign of heat stroke for the little ones.

Pierre Judiot

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