La Tambonese: Bed has the recipe

It is claimed that you can hit yourself harder than yourself once, but not twice. You can beat yourself twice, but not three times. Ah well, yes, we can. This year, in the Coupe de France, the Tamponnaise is this team that, at the end of each cross-round, leaves the opponent just as bitter. What have we heard from the mouths of St. Josephois, St. Pierrois, and the Albertfilarian Sunday? In essence: we were superior, they didn’t play, they didn’t have chances, if we had scored, the game would have been different. And it is this famous “if” that throws all the false truths out of the frustrated for whom common sense no longer makes sense. However, in three matches, Tamboneh would not concede a goal. To understand how Le Tampon, not the best team in the tournament if their fourth place in the standings is to be believed, made this Power Tour history, we have to go back to the evening of the Reunion Cup semi-final. This Wednesday, September 28th, Saint-Pierre dominated the Blues at the Olympic Stadium in Saint-Paul, 2-0. The ambitious 3-5-2 set by Jean-Pierre Bady is no match for the qualities of his players, who are guilty of costly approximations for the Storks’ two accomplishments. Rich in this lesson, the most successful coach on the island chose in the sixth round of the Coupe de France against Tango, to return to the basics that made his success: 4-4-2 of families, with a goalkeeper – Erwan Payet-, concrete wings – favored solid Lauret on the right over Origin: Bourahim. And wait for the right opportunities, on the table or on a set piece. The plan was also dictated at the time by the absence of Loïc Rivière, Riccardo Sophie and Mathieu Sarpedon.

solids and concentrates

With total commitment and erasing the fluctuations in focus that have altered performances this season, Tamboneh won 1-0, with a penalty from Pape Sarr.
“We work with our means,” continued Bade, who delivered the same speech in the seventh round, after renewing the identical eleven against the JSSP, still tied down by Rivière’s absence and Sophie and Sarpedon back slightly again, continued to repeat. Score: 0-0, qualification on penalties. After I tried to drop a little more, but to no avail, the main thing was to keep the house.
Returns of all his items at 100% for the eighth round got the technician thinking. Should Rivière win his team back at the expense of a once-satisfied Lowry? Should we bet Sophie’s game size and rich experience in matches at this level to offer something else against Aubervilliers, an N3 club, superior to any other opponent she has faced so far? Well, no: you don’t change the winning team! The former Marseille found a formula and stuck with it. However, the quality of the Parisians forced Ronan Nedelec to be almost landed as second choice goalkeeper to back up Payet. Victory over the wire 1-0, in pain, but again with pride.
Sequino Dionysian coach Rashid Youssef admitted that he was not warned that he would face such a formation. Paddy, playing modestly: “We can’t say it’s become our trademark, because one match is never quite like another. On the other hand, I have a very receptive group, which is diligent in what we ask to do, and from there, we can pull off a great performance.”

Choose the reason

This indicates that La Tamponnaise’s format is now more suited to a trophy than to a tournament. On this point, the coach agrees. “To work over time, you have to have a large workforce, which is not our case,” he says. Some of the “old men” we met on the field gave us the idea that “it was better before”, “Reunion football has gone downhill”. However, by climbing for the first time in the thirty-second final, these tampones succeeded where their elders failed. The achievement, of course, should be highlighted in light of new regulations that make metro teams cross from Round 8 and no longer from Round 7, thus offering fewer hurdles to pass. However, Al Jazeera has already advanced in many aspects – tactics in particular – to unabashedly sit at the table of these semi-professional formations.

Anthony Robinson

> Sprained knee for Fontaine
injury. Jean-Michel Fontaine limped off at the 84. Tambon’s captain and forward was hit on the left knee in the first period, after an aerial duel; A player from Aubervilliers fell on him. Verdict: Sprain pending further examination. If Day 26 of the Championship against St Suzanne, this Sunday, is not risked, the race against the clock is on for the thirty-second final.

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