Lack of oils: The recipe can be changed without modifying the label

Facing shortages of oils from Ukraine or Russia, in particular sunflower, manufacturers of daily consumer products have asked authorities for “exemptions” to sell “reconsidered” products without changing labels: the NGO Foodwatch is calling for “complete transparency” on Friday.

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French fries, potato chips, margarine, ready meals or biscuits … Sunflower oil is an essential ingredient in many products popular with French consumers. gold, ” Sunflower oil used in cooking is an oil of oleic sunflower oil, which is mainly produced in Ukraine Explains Jean-Philippe Puig, Managing Director of Avril Group, the leading French company in vegetable oils and proteins (Lesieur, Puget).

request exceptions

Two thirds of French sunflower imports come from Ukraine, mainly for the manufacture of oil and animal feed Foodwatch details in a press release on Friday. So manufacturers are turning to alternative ingredients, such as rapeseed oil, palm oil, and genetically modified soybean flour from Latin America. »

problem in the case of food distribution,” It takes a long time to change the labels and it is no longer possible to display products for sale in the meantime “, as long as the packaging states, for example,” 100% sunflower oil Says a source in the sector.

Therefore, the manufacturers explained to Foodwatch, ” Request waivers for the sale of these reconsidered products without changing the labels “.

Bertrand Auillon, General Delegate of the French Potato Development Profession (UGPT), confirmed the exemption requests from the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), which monitors correct information for consumers, ” Because we must determine the origin of the oils “.

Regarding the availability of oils, he wanted to be reassured: “ Initially, our manufacturers are covered in oil, at least until this summer confirms, citing Availability of rapeseed Explain that professionals work On alternatives to sunflower and oil mixtures “.

As Cérélia President Guillaume Réveilhac explains that “ DGCCRF gives us this flexibility to simply report on the packaging that these plant lipid complexes are prone to developing. It’s my ad, we need this job He says.

Transparency on shelves and online

If Foodwatch Says “I Understand” The exceptional nature of the situation The NGO estimates that Consumers should be aware of these changes in ingredients “I began to plead” Requires full transparency through information in the speaker ” Shops ” And online for each product in a transparent manner and without delay “.

The government recently confirmed that manufacturers have requested “ Flexibility on the labeling rules. ” This is a topic on which we continue to work with consumer associations and professional associations. A government source said Thursday to define the criteria for such exemptions.

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