Langone: Estelle Loret reveals her “little culinary secrets” in a recipe book

In a second book, Estelle Lauret, of Langon (Geronde), reveals her tips, how-tos, and new recipes! (© Delphine Decourcelle/The Republican)

Estelle Lorit, a restaurateur on Maubec Street, in Langon (Gironde), opened her organic establishment in 2019. After numerous requests from her clients, she wrote her first cookbook the following year, and The second is now available for pre-order.

after, after Les Bowls d’Estelle recipes are healthy, vegan and gourmet recipesReleased in 2020, restorer Estelle Lorit releases a second book, Shared Kitchen.

“Exaggerated My love of simple cookinghealthy, fast and economical,” says the mother restaurateur of Maupick Street, who “between midday services and evening homework, managed to arrange two full-time jobs to make way for a new activity, the author’s.”

To know all about the delicious tart

After regularly questioning her clients for her tips and modus operandi, Estelle Laureate decides to take up her pen again Communicate her values ​​and tips for diet Allowing you to take care of your health while having fun.” Of course with many delicious recipes, including what we ask for the most: delicious tart!

“In this book, I share with you my knowledge, my education, my experiences, my failures, and above all my little culinary secrets,” says South-Girondine. subordinate Vegetarian and carnivorous recipes, “Access to all” For a kitchen “Benefits the body and the heart and brings joy!” With “small additions from his catering business” for appetizers for dinner, but also family dishes “in more generous proportions to hearty meals” and a brunch section, his specialty.

behind the scenes

The restaurateur chose “a circular economy by working with local artisans of high quality, fresh seasonal produce, primarily from organic farming. Without them, cooking would not have the same flavor ”, she trusts, which is why she highlights in her book “these local producers thanks to whom she prepares good little dishes”.

As I mentioned, “The body’s needs for fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants: I realize that People lost this basic knowledge They are essential to a healthy diet.” A chapter on “Calcium-rich vegetable substitutes, animal milk, eggs in a dessert recipe, butter…” and another part of the book will be devoted to plant-based protein sources and spices.

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“A kitchen accessible to everyone”

An “environmentally responsible and environmentally friendly” chef, whose philosophy is reflected in the daily actions and operation of the restaurant:

Limited waste in the kitchen, Organic waste recycled and composted, Green energy for cleaning products, Recycled and recyclable packaging, Glass jars or containers made of fully recyclable materials.

Estelle Laureatecook

It therefore made sense that his book should be printed in France, on FSC-certified paper (from sustainably managed forests), and his communications, illustrations, and publications provided by Agence Les 2 Rives next door to the restaurant. 300 Copies Pre-ordered It is the specific goal to achieve the project. As for the first book, this book has been largely accomplished and due to its success, Estelle announces that a reprint is also in the boxes. Notice to interested parties!

Shared cooking (124 p., €32) is available for pre-order now at until 20 November. The book is due to be picked up at the end of November, sent to your home or to be picked up directly from the restaurant, 16 Maubec Street.

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