“Les Vieux Fourneaux 2”: the recipe is always good

After a string of exhausting and slow-paced French comedies, we expected to be disappointed again with this big release at the end of summer. beautiful surprise ! “Les Vieux Fourneaux 2,” in theaters this Wednesday after the first op released in 2018, gives us some great shortcuts and tricks, but above all offers us a good slice of fun. In this film with the responses brought home with three delicious actors (Pierre Richard, Bernard Le Coc, Eddie Mitchell), we find the soul of the albums, fighters with a cowardly sense of humor. No wonder, since the film’s script directs Wilfred Lobano, the father of the comic-turned-classic, has spread into six volumes, and his new adventure is expected to begin in November.

The story begins in Paris. The famous band of retired comrades, these “Black Vioxes” as they call themselves, have restricted punch-ups, the commitment associated with the body. After a procedure in front of the Swiss embassy against hidden bank accounts, we follow them to the private mansion of Fan-Fan de la Roche Bonnefoy, one of the most ardent activists, who has loaned her house to house refugees. Problem: His nephew, his supporting record statement, is determined to arrest his aunt and expel all these little people.

Comedy with a good actor

Pierrot, the leader, played by Pierre Richard in good shape – who celebrates his 88th birthday this Tuesday – decides to put everyone in the green and arrives with his friends and many asylum-seekers in Antoine (the idealistic Bernard Le Coc, who replaced Roland Giraud), His best friend. This fake angry man and real gentleman live in the countryside, in Montcoeur (twined with the town of…”Montcuq”), a small village in the southwest with an aging population.

There is no shortage of it, the inhabitants begin to speak, wary of these new inhabitants who have come from afar. But they will eventually open their hearts to these strangers. Because we’re into comedy, and it all ends well. Yes, it is full of good feelings, yes, there is some weight, but the reason is noble. Sending human messages through humor always works best. And the caustic dialogues, with a good actor, add salt to everyone who does not want to give lessons.

“Do you think young men cross the sea in inflatable boats to come and hit your tiller? Asks the mayor of the small, colorful village to one of his constituents, bewildered, worried about the thefts these newcomers might commit. In the end, everyone drinks shots together, about a pétanque. Couples are formed, friendships are born, and we (Montcourt) leave the heart a little lighter.

Editor’s note:

Old furnaces 2: suitable for asylum “,” French Comedy by Christophe Duthron, with Pierre Richard, Bernard Le Coc, Eddie Mitchell, Myriam Boyer … (1h32).

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