List of the week: Recipe ideas from Monday 15 August to Sunday 21 August

In the heart of August, no need to look for classic fruit skewers, vegetable fritters, pissaladière or even ratatouille (in the pizza version please). Colorful, vitamin-laden dishes highlight the flavors of the season, but above all leave a pleasant taste of the holiday in the mouth.

This week, to satisfy our craving for escape, aromatic herbs and plants are in the spotlight, gently tickling our nostrils with every bite. Basil, mint, verbena, dill but also thyme and oregano, generously slipping into the heart of sweet and savory recipes, make our holiday meals a moment to reconnect with the nature that surrounds us.

And in the end, nothing beats easy-to-make fruit pancakes, but also homemade ice cream, including olive oil ice cream, with its original and exotic aroma.

What’s the menu for this week?


Green olives, ricotta and cream of basil
Fried vegetables, cod fish, and aioli
strawberry and basil cup


Watermelon, vegan feta and mint
Pasta salad with candied tomatoes and zucchini
Raspberry tart, oatmeal pastry


Marinated sardines, harissa
Ratatouille Pizza
Boiled peach, verbena, vanilla


Canapes tomato, gorgonzola
Mackerel en papillot and fried green beans, sesame, garlic and chili
lolly cranberry mango


Cucumber salad with dill, labneh
Fat-free ceviche with passion fruit
Mirabelle plum semifreddo with star anise


Rocca and zucchini soup, fresh goat cheese toast
Giant pissaladière
olive oil ice cream


Rocca salad with fresh goat cheese, berries and walnuts
Coated Pork, Lettuce Leaves
Peach Verbena Tart with Almond Cream from Christophe Michalac

My shopping list for this week

In your cart, we put broccoli, beans, potatoes, and carrots for our homemade muffins, as well as zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant for the popular ratatouille in the Wednesday version of Pizza. On the fruit side, we bring strawberries, watermelon, peaches, mango, raspberries, and plums, which we’ll slide into the heart of pancakes, escargoes and other frozen desserts. Moreover, speaking of pancakes, we think of saving puff pastry for a simple and effective preparation.

In the seafood department, we stock sardines, meat and mackerel. For this last fish, ask your fishmonger to measure and measure it. At the butcher, pork shoulder will be needed for the main course on Sunday.

Finally, no meal is complete without the right dose of cheese. And so, this week’s shopping list complements ricotta, feta, gorgonzola, fresh goat cheese, as well as mozzarella.

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