List of the week: Recipe ideas from Monday, July 18 to Sunday, July 24

With the sweltering heat that July has in store for us, we bet on cold appetizers and dishes without cooking the iconic summer tabbouleh picture. Marinated mozzarella or sardines, grilled fish and carpaccio, the many recipes that can be reproduced at home, and that delight as much (or almost) as holidays in the sun. On the dessert side, to finish on a high note, nothing beats homemade granita or eskimo, with seasonal flavors.

Any menu for the week?


Asian eggplant caviar
tomato pie
strawberry and basil cup


Linguine with squid ink, mint, parsley, lemon and tomato
Raspberry mango lolly


Cold Peas, Beans, Spinach, and Cereal Bread Tiles
Grilled fish supreme, cherry tomato sauce with raisins
Apricot picoca


All green avocado, cucumber and marinated mackerel ice cream
Artichoke and raw pork pasta salad
Strawberry and Verbena Granita


Mozzarella cheese marinated with lemon oregano and butargo
Kebab with tahini sauce
Strawberry Pickle with Greek Yogurt


Tomato carpaccio with squid and marinated squid
Mackerel en papillot and fried green beans, sesame, garlic and chili
Spicy Strawberry Pavlovas


Marinated eggplant and sardines, coriander and lemon
Greek stuffed tomatoes
Lady fingers strawberry and whipped cream

My shopping list for this week

With their attractive appearance and refreshing flavour, this week tomatoes are in the spotlight. So it is rejected at will by many summer recipes. In a stuffed version, in a homemade pie, cut into carpaccio, or even as a pasta core in a sauce, tomatoes are the main ingredient to put in your basket. Still in the primer section, other seasonal vegetables are included, such as eggplant, cucumber or artichoke. On the fruit side, strawberry desserts catch our eye, but so do those with apricots or berries.

In the protein department, ask the fishmonger to clean up and get some lovely bream for the main course on Wednesday. Without forgetting the piece of steak that will be used to prepare the home kebab on Friday evening.

It is impossible to make tabbouleh without bulgur or linguine without pasta; So switching to the starchy foods section will be essential. Finally, if necessary, we restock the basics of pastry, to make weekend desserts as they should be, namely eggs, flour, mascarpone and powdered sugar.

Bon appetite !

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